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How to get approval for a second motorbike

second bike

Our global survey revealed that almost half of our readers have more than second motorbike or even a third bike or more!

So we’ve asked around a few of our multi-bike-owning readers to find out how they managed to wangle it past the Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Minister for War and Peace, or whatever you call your beloved, significant other.

Here are their tips for getting your second bike:


Buy your partner something expensive and significant that they’ve always wanted. That should work!

If not, you need to subtly pile on the guilt trips about how your friends asked you to go on that adventure/cruiser/cafe ride but you couldn’t go because you have the wrong sort of bike.


Start mentioning how it would be good to have a small-capacity bike to commute to work and save money.

Exclaim loudly when the insurance goes up because you are riding your expensive bike to work all the time and how it would be cheaper to have a little run-around.

Point out that a second bike would prevent you piling on needless kilometres on your main bike. That would save you on expensive services.

Honda CX500 second motorbike
Honda CX500 run-around I bought for just $1500


If you’ve got a business of any sort, think of a creative way you could buy a bike to use with the business.

It could be a bike to deliver some small parcels at lunch time or a promotional tool. Just make sure it’s stickered up with your company logo and you can start claiming at least a proportion of the expenses. (Better run this one past your accountant as well!)

Honda CX500 rust paint job second motorbike
Legitimate tax dodge!


If you can’t beat ’em, get ‘em to join you!

Bet them that they couldn’t pass their motorcycle test the first time.

Throw out the challenge that it’s time they moved from the back to the front seat and got some adventure and control in their life.

Once your partner has a licence it will be easy to get a second bike over the line.

Learner riders second motorbike


Be the kind father or father-in-law who wants to get closer to their son or son-in-law by working together on a restoration or custom project.

The family that tinkers together, stays together!

Honda CX500 customising second motorbike
Get the kids involved in your project