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Watch How Vespas Get Made


A Detailed Look at the Iconic Brand

If there’s one scooter I could have in my shed, it’d be a Vespa. The brand is iconic. It’s scooters retain their value better than any other vehicle on the road today, and while it would never replace my want or need for a legit motorcycle, I could see it being useful for much of the commuting and grocery-getting duties I currently use my bikes for.

Business Insider recently put out a fantastic video on the company and how it makes its machines. You get a little bit of history, plenty of information, and a look behind the scenes at the company’s factory in Italy. Of all the Italian machines out there for sale, Vespa is one of the ones I’d trust. It’s a premium brand. A brand that’s well-known and respected, and based on the video, it’s easy to see why. 

The scooters are made of superior materials, using practices that set them apart from other scooter companies out there. While Honda, Yamaha, and several other big companies out there make quality scooters, it’s easy to see why Vespa holds such high regard in many peoples’ minds. Take a look at the video below.