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WA finally allows lane filtering

Check out regulations and penalties

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Almost six years after lane filtering was first introduced for motorcycle riders in NSW in 2014, Western Australia will finally fall into line this year.

However, some WA riders may not be as pleased as you would think as they claim they have been lane filtering for some time with the police turning a blind eye.

Now that lane filtering rules will be introduced from 29 March 2021, that also means fines.

However, the fine is $100 and two demerit points which are the lowest penalties of any state.

Welcoming the new rules, Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A. spokesperson Dave Wright says he had a meeting last week with the WA Road Safety Commission on the topic.

As in other states, the maximum speed a motorcycle is allowed to travel at when lane filtering is 30km/h and learners are not permitted to filter between lanes.

The rules are slightly different to other states and riders are advised to acquaint themselves with them before filtering. Click here to read the gazetted rules (number 130).

The main points to bear in mind are that riders are not allowed to filter at school or pedestrian crossings, in a school zone, or next to a heavy vehicle.

Police and Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts says the Road Safety Commission consulted with “a broad range of stakeholders to ensure that community concerns were addressed and reduce the likelihood of motorcyclists or other road users being exposed to unintended safety risks”.