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VIDEO: Yammie Noob Gives His First Impressions of the 2020 Triumph Street Scrambler

Yammie Noob has been giving away free motorcycles like it’s his day job… Because it is his day job. This 2020 Triumph Street Scrambler is one of three motorcycles he is giving away with his “Beginner Bikes Giveaway” Series.

Today ‘Papa Yams’ takes us through a full Revzilla-esq overview and first impression ride of this classy motorcycle. He owns a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Edition with a lot of time on the saddle so he comes from a good place when providing feedback for the motorcycle.

For those unfamiliar, this heritage-based motorcycle comes equipped with a 900cc twin Bonneville engine producing 18% more power than the 2019 model. Triumph knows know to make high-quality bikes, so rest assured this model comes fully equipped with a Brembo front brake caliper, ABS, TC, Rain riding mode (which Yams showcases in the video), and everything else you would expect from an $11,000 motorcycle. 

Having a vintage-looking bike equipped with all the modern technology of new motorcycles is always a great option when navigating a market saturated with sportbikes and things that look fast without having to settle for a cruiser.

Yammie Noob takes this Scrambler through the paces in its natural habitat, bringing it off-road – at quite high speeds – and is pleasantly surprised with how it fares on the gravel.

I’m very surprised by Yammie Noobs’ reaction to the motorcycle because he is typically found riding extremely fast sportbikes and this type of riding isn’t up his usual alley. If you’re thinking about pulling the trigger on a 2020 Street Scrambler and are still unsure about it, this is the video that will tip you over the edge.