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Video: Simon Crafar Talks Helmet Tech

Moto GP Commentator and 1998 British Grand Prix 500cc race winner Simon Crafar takes us through every little detail regarding the safety of a MotoGP Helmet.

On this weeks installation of MotoGP’s “Tech Talk”, Simon is on the Arai Grand Prix helmet service truck to give us a detailed look into the construction, composition, and build process of Arai MotoGP helmets.

I’m sure you are well aware at this point that Arai and a few other select brands dominate the market when it comes to high-performance race helmets due to their ties in the MotoGP and other race series.

Arai was kind enough to provide Simon with examples of their race helmet from every step along the manufacturing process. Personally, I’ve never seen the fiberglass/kevlar mesh they use in the resin molds to cast the helmet shell, so just on that basis alone I think is this a great video to get you more familiar with the true build process of the worlds the highest-quality race helmets.

In addition to the manufacturing process, we also get a look into all of the safety innovations Arai has pioneered to ensure the safety of their GP riders. From varying EPS foam densities to importantly quality-of-life features such as visor tear-offs to prevent water buildup during wet races; you would be surprised how many little tricks they utilize to make their race helmets as competitive as possible.