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Vemar Jiano EVO TC Preview

Vemar Jiano EVO TC Helmet Preview (DOT Version) A Vemar Chimaera for the U.S.A.

Vemar Jiano EVO TC
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The Vemar Chimaera, aka Vemar Jiano EVO TC in the U.S., was first introduced at the EICMA show in November of 2010 and described in my report on the2011 Vemar Helmets.

The Vemar Jiano EVO TC is now just coming online in the U.S. market and it was introduced by Motonation, the U.S. distributor for Vemar, at the Dealer Expo.

The Jiano EVO TC is the updated version of the Vemar Jiano (review), a sturdy flip-up helmet we reviewed in April of 2008.

The “EVO” means evolution (of the original Jiano) and the “TC” refers to the “tri-composite” shell used in this helmet.

This latest version of the Jiano has the most recent “Vemar look”, which gives it a unique style.

Flip-up helmets generally seem rather tame — or at least they have been until recently. But the Jiano EVO TC looks stylish and purposeful all at once.

It has also retained the additional feature described and illustrated in my EICMA 2010 report — the LED light array built into the cheek pad.

This isn’t a first; the LED helmet light was introduced in the AFX FX-11 Lightforce (review) and it’s been a feature of the Akuma helmets, such as the Akuma Stealth (review). An LED light was also added to make a special version of the Shoei Syncrotec Police Helmet (review).

But this is a handy feature, especially for touring riders, because a quick press of the button provides enough light to read a map, make a phone call or search through the panniers to find that missing Zero bar.

The Jiano EVO TC has a large top vent assembly and chin bar vent, both of which portend good ventilation. The rotating visor feels solid and has a strong detent to hold it open for gas stops or when off the bike.

Vemar is in the process of updating their entire helmet lineup, and Motonation also had an updated Vemar Eclipse at the show and I added a photo below.

We’ll be reviewing both the new Vemar Jiano EVO TC and the Vemar Eclipse soon.

Vemar Jiano EVO TC - Front View
The new Vemar Jiano EVO TC flip-up helmet.
Vemar Jiano EVO TC - Flip-up Open
The Vemar Jiano EVO TC includes an LED light and rechargeable battery.
Vemar Jiano EVO TC - LED
The LED light array switch under the cheek pad.
Vemar Jiano EVO TC - Rear View
Rear view of the Vemar Jiano EVO TC. Note lever for the internal sun shade.
Vemar Jiano EVO TC - Vents
Top vent and chin vent systems.
Vemar Jiano EVO TC - Liner
Helmet liner in the Vemar Jiano EVO TC.
Vemar Jiano EVO TC - Right Side
Right side of the Vemar Jiano EVO TC.
Left side of the Vemar Jiano EVO TC.
Vemar Jiano EVO TC.
Vemar Eclipse
2011 Vemar Eclipse full-face helmet.
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Publication Date: February 18, 2011
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