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Nolan NCom Multi2 and B1

Nolan Ncom Multi2 and B1 "Basic" Intercoms Announced

Review Summary

March 7, 2013 –  Nolan announced today the Multi2 and B1 motorcycle helmet intercoms.

Here is an edited version of the Nolan press release:

In 2006, Nolan took the riding industry and the electronics world by surprise by being the first company to introduce a Bluetooth system to complement their line of touring helmets.

At that time, nobody had any idea what BlueTooth would do for helmet communications and it took a while for riders to understand and appreciate the wireless nature of the system. Today, being able to communicate while on your motorcycle has becoming an expected creature comfort for many riders.

The success of the Nolan Ncom system comes from the ability to install the headsets in minutes instead of the usual guesswork required by generic systems, as well as the perfect integration: no voluminous box on the side of the helmet, no painfully bumpy speakers inside.

Over the last 7 years, the performance has increased to meet the demands of the technologically-inclined riders; the bike-to-bike distances have grown longer, the features have become more numerous, included an FM radio, the ability to upgrade your system with your computer, the ability to connect many items and contact additional riders, etc.

On the other hand, it has become too complicated for the riders who just want basic communication with a lower price point.

So Nolan decided to go back to a simpler version of their system and introduced two new products to their line of communication systems: the Nolan Ncom B1 intercom, which has been designed to fit Nolan Ncom-ready helmets and the Nolan Multi2 intercom to fit all of the other helmets, including other brands.

Nolan B1 Intercom

Nolan Ncom B1 Intercom

The Nolan Ncom B1 is a new entry-level Bluetooth communication system for Nolan Ncom-ready helmets.

Two different kits are available, which will fit into any of the Nolan Ncom-ready helmets without any modification, for a very simple and fast installation by the dealer or the user.

The B1 can be used by single riders who want to connect to their phone, GPS or music source via Bluetooth, with the additional capability to plug another device to the headset.

A rider and passenger riding on the same motorcycle or at close distance (max 150 ft.) can use the B1 for helmet-to-helmet communication; each one can plug another BlueTooth device in their helmet and/or connect accessories to their helmets.

A single Nolan Ncom B1 intercom kit has a list price of $229.95 and a set of two kits lists for $379.95.

Nolan Multi2 Intercom

The Nolan Multi2 Kit is a universal Ncom headset that will fit on any motorcycle helmet that is not Ncom-ready, whether it was made by Nolan or any other brand.

The Multi2 is compatible with all other Ncom products, making it a perfect match for a couple or friends who want to communicate but don’t wear the same helmet brand/style.

It offers helmet to helmet Bluetooth communication, as well as the ability to connect to a GPS and/or phone, and plug in additional devices.

It is available as a single kit for $214.95 or a set of two kits for $369.95.

Nolan Helmets With Intercoms

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