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Velocity Gear 2009 Gloves Review

Velocity Gear 2009 Motorcycle Gloves

Velocity Gear 2009 Gloves
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Review Summary
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 2009 Velocity Gear Motorcycle Gloves Overview

The folks at Velocity Gear are at it again, this time with a completely updated glove line for the 2009-2010 model year.

Velocity Gear is a small company with some unique products and we’ve been following the story since 2006. It’s always nice to find an upstart who offers something unique and different, and that’s pretty much been the Velocity Gear story in every product of theirs that we’ve reviewed.

For example, back in 2006 they released “Velocity Armor” (review), an armored shirt that was claimed to be “The Lowest Priced Level 2 Armor In The World”. For all we know, it still is, going on 4 years later! They quickly followed that up with the Juggernaut armored shirt (review) in 2007, more of the same good protective stuff.

Next came the Velocity Gear SS Metalwear gloves (review). There’s armor…and then there’s armor. Why mess around with carbon fiber or plastic when you can have metal!  Big honkin’ slabs of the stuff that wouldn’t look at all out of place in tonight’s featured event at the Thunderdome.

The Velocity Gear F1 and S9 gloves (review) came next, maybe not as revolutionary, but solid performers with lots of thick leather at an affordable price.

Now we’re on the cusp of 2010 and the company has a completely new lineup, with the Exhibition Pro “light-heavyweight” (our term) mesh gloves; the Prodigy and Formula race gloves with kangaroo leather and meeting CE standards; and a revised version of the original Metalwear gloves.

Now while that may not sound like earth-shattering news, this is: both the Prodigy and Formula race gloves have been tested and meet the EN13594:2002 standards for cut resistance, tear resistance, seam burst resistance and abrasion resistance.

Many webBikeWorlders have been asking about “ECE approved” gloves, so now you’ve got ’em. It’s difficult to impossible to test and compare protection in the real world, so an adherence to a recognized standard is the next best thing, especially when it comes to something like burst resistance and abrasion resistance.

The Exhibition Pro and Metalwear gloves haven’t been tested to the ECE standards, but Velocity Gear said they’ve used what they learned in making the Prodigy and Formula gloves through the entire product line.

They’re pretty confident about this, because the Prodigy and Formula gloves have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and the entire product line has a “Half Price” replacement guarantee: “If your glove is destroyed for any reason we’ll replace it for half of it’s original purchase price, no questions asked.”

“Ya can’t beat that with a stick”, as they say. So let’s take a look. Here’s a quick no-chatter video just to get your juices flowing, followed by the individual reviews.Review,Reviews,Glove

wBW Video: Velocity Gear Gloves Overview
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From “A.G.” (10/09): “Thanks for writing up the 2009 Velocity line of gloves with integrated Knox SPS.

This review is very important to me as I have suffered through a scaphoid fracture. It isn’t a joke and it isn’t fun – when surgeons talk of fusing all the bones in your wrist (solid) as a possibility in treatment, you get a REALLY BIG wake up call.

Although I beat the odds – my scaphoid healed without surgery – I have had some arthritis ever since and constantly worry about incurring the same injury in case of an accident. The Knox SPS system looks to be the answer to my years of worry and I am already shopping for a new pair of gloves that feature this technology.

Thanks again.”