Ural Extends Warranties for New Bike Sales in the U.S.


Another Company Offering Warranty Extensions

The other day I reported on the fact that Royal Enfield, Yamaha, and MV Agusta all started offering extensions on their warranties. Now it seems Ural is doing the same for U.S. sales. The company offers a standard two-year warranty, but it will offer a 90-day extension if you bought or buy a bike between March 25 and June 30. 

The company reported, according to RideApart, that its sales have continued more or less on the same clip as usual and that it has about 20 days worth of inventory in its U.S. warehouse. the company will be restocking Europe and Japan before U.S. but it will restock soon.

The move to extend warranty coverage for 90 days makes sense. With the COVID-19 pandemic still causing all kinds of disruptions, customers can’t really use the warranty the way it is designed. Adding 90 days to the warranty will help with customer peace of mind. There’s a chance Ural could extend the warranty further if the pandemic continues, but there is no indication from the company at this time.

I give the sidecar motorcycle company a tip of my hat for doing the right thing with its warranties, and I hope other manufacturers will follow suit. 

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  1. Micheal Lustanzic
    September 17, 2020

    How is this a response to the pandemic rather than trying to overcome their notorious reputation for making bikes that you are almost guaranteed to have break down? It seems the only thing reliable about the Ural is their unreliability!

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