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Royal Enfield, Yamaha, and MV Agusta Offer Warranty Extensions

2020 Royal Enfield Continental GT

Due to COVID-19

If you can’t get your motorcycle properly serviced then keeping up with the requirements of your warranty can be tough. Also, the fact that many places have bans on non-essential travel means time on warranties for the folks who can’t ride is running out. To help combat this some manufacturers—Royal Enfield, Yamaha, and MV Agusta to name a few—are offering warranty extensions.

Royal Enfield was the first to jump on this, according to RideApart. The company is extending the warranty period by three months. Yamaha announced a similar move that pushes warranties out by three months. MV Agusta is also offering an additional three months in warranty coverage. MV Agusta is the only company to offer this worldwide. Royal Enfield and Yamaha are offering it in certain markets.

These are the first three, but I would expect other companies to consider offering extensions, especially due to the fact that COVID-19 is still disrupting operations in many areas of the world.

If you have questions about your motorcycle’s warranty, and you don’t know who to call, I’d say to reach out to your local dealership first. They should be able to guide you or at least give you a good number to call. If they’re not operating, then your bike’s owner’s manual is the next place to turn. You may even have some warranty specific paperwork (if your filing system for your bike is better than mine) and that will be a good place to go for info and contact numbers.