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Upcoming Yamaha Ténéré 700 Raid Seen in European Patents

The Yamaha Ténéré 700 Raid was one of the more exciting prototypes showcased at EICMA 2021. The bike on display was a higher-spec, more capable iteration of the standard Yamaha Ténéré 700. Now, CycleWorld has spotted the upcoming motorcycle in European patent documents. It appears that the production-ready model will feature more in common with the standard bike than the prototype. 

Patent Image of the Yamaha Ténéré 700 Raid

While the Ténéré 700 Raid prototype was equipped with high-end suspension, more ground clearance, and rally-oriented parts, the bike in the patents appears to feature predominantly cosmetic changes compared to the standard model. For starters, there’s the fuel tank; the Ténéré 700 Raid will feature two fuel tanks — both placed in front of the rider. The EICMA prototype featured an under-seat reserve tank, as seen on many Dakar rally bikes, but this is missing on the production bike seen in the patent images. The standard Ténéré 700 features a single 4.2-gallon fuel tank, and the Raid’s two units will likely be able to hold a little over 6 gallons.

Patent Image of the Yamaha Ténéré 700 Raid

Other cosmetic updates include new bodywork to accommodate the larger fuel tanks and a seat that extends onto the fuel tank. This is a standard feature on rally bikes where riders require the added space to shift their weight around. CycleWorld also mentions in its report that the Raid gets a wider nose around the stock Ténéré headlight, wind deflectors on either side and a taller windscreen. Elements like the high-mounted front fender from the prototype are missing, but the manufacturer will likely have an extensive list of accessories that you can kit the bike with. 

Interestingly, hardware components like the wheels, suspension, brakes, and exhaust are identical to those on the standard Ténéré 700. This leads us to believe that the bike may not bring added performance or extra off-road prowess right off the showroom floor. Something that the motorcycle does share in common with the prototype is the new vertically stacked TFT display.

Considering that the bike in the patent drawings looks close to production-ready, we could see Yamaha officially unveiling the Ténéré 700 Raid soon.

What are your thoughts on the Ténéré 700 Raid? Do you think Yamaha has added enough value to the standard model? 

Source: CycleWorld