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Unique Himalayan Motorcycle Adventure

Royal Enfield Himalayan

India is a country founded on thousands of years of history with numerous intersecting religions, cultures, cuisines, and more. These qualities combine for an enthralling experience that will be unlike anywhere you have visited in the past. Exploring this destination on two wheels only deepens the experience, and motorcycle tours in India are an absolute must!

Why India is interesting for motorcycle riders

The geography of India is no less diverse than its people. This alone creates incredible riding experiences, whether leisurely cruising along the coast, carving hairpin turns in the mountains, or tackling the most rugged of dirt trails. Motorcycle tours India offer a heightened experience, which cannot be matched. There is something about a motorcycle raid that amplifies your senses, and forges an even deeper connection to the sights, sounds, and smells around you.

Not only do Indian motorcycle tours forge a deeper connection with your surroundings, but also with the people you meet. We will visit traditional villages on our journeys and stay in small guest houses, allowing you much more personal interaction with the locals.

To sum it up, the combination of intense riding, gorgeous scenery, and cultural connection make motorcycle tours in India a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Must See Places

India is a massive country, and it would be hard to see it all, but there are a few highlights you must not miss. You can admire the enormous, splendid architecture, like the Taj Mahal, Golden Temple, and the lake palace of Udaipur. There are countless temples and monuments throughout the country, with each more spectacular than the last. An example would be Ellora and Ajanta, where temples, shrines, and statues are carved directly into the rock. If glitz, glam, and lights are your style, then Mumbai is not to be missed. The beaches of Kochi, Chennai, Goa, and others are an absolute delight. You can relax on the sand with the warm waters of the Arabian Sea or Bay of Bengal only meters away.

India also abounds with natural beauty, and several destinations are a “must see.” The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world, covering some 10,000 square kilometers. There you can find Bengal tigers, saltwater crocodiles, leopards, cobras, and various primates. The vast deserts to the northwest of India have a distinct beauty. The expanse of sand and scrub brush can be quite striking when the sun is just right in the sky. Small oases, like the city of Jaisalmer, punctuate this landscape. Then, there are the scenic valleys like Sangla, where you will find yourself surrounded by forested slopes and pleasant mountain views.

Far to the north lie the Himalayan Mountains, which are comprised of some of the tallest mountains in the entire world. These imposing heights are, arguably, the most impressive landscape of India. The untouched snow-capped peaks seem to go on forever. The rugged, mountainous north includes several excellent destinations like Leh and numerous Hill Stations. Leh also has a few sights, like ancient temples, the palace of the king of Ladakh, and the Old Town which will practically transport you back in time. If you are interested in trekking, high-altitude road trips, or whitewater rafting, this area should not be missed.

Characteristics of the Tour

To fully comprehend and immerse in this unique northern landscape, Planet Ride’s 15-day trek along the famous trans-Himalayan highway is, by far, your best bet! Setting out from Manali, you will saddle up on a classic Royal Enfield motorbike to explore the heights of the world. Contrasting landscapes, from lush valleys to high desert plateaus to snow-covered peaks, will leave you in awe. This journey includes stops in Delhi, Manali, Leh, and numerous small villages. Along the route, you will have the opportunity to revel in the sights of Tso Kar and Tso Moriri lakes, as well as visit ancient monasteries known as Gompas. Finally, this arduous trek culminates in conquering one of the highest drivable passes in the world. Khardung La sits at 5,602 meters, and motoring to the top will be an experience you never forget!

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