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Triumph’s New SOS App Could Save Your Life

Triumph Has a New App to Keep You Safe on the Roads

Using the internal accelerometers and sensors located in your smartphone’s internals, Triumph’s new “SOS” mobile app states that it will sense if you have been involved in a collision, and will send an ambulance to your GPS location.

If the phone is triggered by a quick jostle resulting in a false alarm, the user will have 30 seconds to open their phone to the app and cancel the alert.

Triumph has ensured that this app has been refined to reduce false alarms, and as a result, even features an auto-pause feature so you’re not dialing 911 when you drop your phone in the bathroom. According to Triumph, false alarms are rare.

The app is available as of today on both Android and iOS. Nothing this great comes free of cost, however… This app features a free three-month trial, and after your trial has expired it will run you £3.99 monthly. 

Although a monthly fee is still a pain in the behind, if the app proves itself to be a true life-saving device in practice then it will still be a very cost-effective option when compared to other emergency contact safety gear.