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Touratech waterproof first-aid kit

Touratech first-aid kit solo
Touratech first-aid kit

Every motorcyclist should consider getting first-aid training and carrying a first-aid kit on their motorcycle.

This kit from adventure accessories company Touratech is a great idea because it is waterproof and a bright colour so it makes it easily visible.

In includes a roll of self-adhesive bandage tape, self-adhesive dressing, rolls of bandage, a first-aid blanket, scissors, vinyl gloves and first-aid instructions.

Plus, the two-litre bag leaves enough room for you to add your own extra items as required.

Other items you could add include cotton buds, disinfectant and tweezers.

Strong loops are sewed on to the rear of the bag so you can attach it to your gear and get to it quickly. A shoulder strap with carabiner clips is also supplied.

It weighs 570 grams and is priced at $87.

The price is pretty high for what you get and you could easily buy your own gear and put it in a waterproof bag, but you’d probably only save a few dollars and is it really worth the hassle?

It’s available from the Touratech Australia webshop, by clicking HERE.

We recommend you also attend a first-aid course so you know what to do with the gear in the kit.

You can try Motorcycle First Aid which operates in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Ballarat and Geelong.

We also recommend First Aid For Motorcyclists which is taking their course around the country.

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