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Top motorbike routes to explore in New Zealand

Top motorbike routes to explore in New Zealand

New Zealand offers some of the world’s best motorbike roads and a large number of postcard-worthy routes, begging you to explore on your motorbike.

While many people opt to explore these locations by car, we all know there is no better way to do it than on a motorbike. What more, many of these amazing motorbike routes take you to some of the most scenic campsite locations in New Zealand.

The country offers two main islands that feature a good number of zigzagging coastlines, tight twisters, high mountains, rolling farmlands and plenty of easy riding options, as you witness weather changes from subtropical to even snow in some regions. Let’s tell you about a few of these top motorbike routes worth exploring in New Zealand.

The Coromandel Loop

Undoubtedly the most popular motorcycle route in all of New Zealand, the Coromandel Loop is the favourite of riders everywhere as it offers some very challenging winding roads. These can be a little risky in certain regions, however are worthwhile if you wish to put your riding skills to test. It’s a stretch that is divided into two parts – Northern Loop which is 187.8km long and Southern Loop extending over 229.7km. Both offer easy access to the attractions and townships of Coromandel Peninsula.

Ride across Southern Alps

The photogenic highways and sublime landscapes of New Zealand’s South Island are what are rider’s dreams are made up of. You can explore these alpine gems in multiple ways, but if you wish to witness the best views of the contrasting vistas, you should go on a self-guided tour instead. There are certain organisations that offer GPS guided trips, enabling riders to explore the region on their own. The hand-picked route options involve various mountain passes, taking you through multiple local destinations like West Coast, Milford Sound and Queenstown.

Milford Sound Road
Milford Sound

Auckland to Clevedon Loop

Ask any local rider in New Zealand and they’d have a lot to tell about the beauty of rural Auckland. This specific route is based out of South Auckland, and provides some of the best views of Waikato River (of North Island) too. This trip takes you southwards through State Highway 1, before making you turn to Karaka, taking a bridge that leads to Waiuku town, and then towards State Highway 2, eventually entering the Hunua Ranges and thus looping into Clevedon.Top motorbike routes to explore in New Zealand

Christchurch to Westport

This one’s an ideal route for riders interested in the ultimate TranzAlpine experience on a motorbike. As is the case with the well-known train ride, the journey from Christchurch to Westport takes you through the South Island’s eastern shores, into the West Coast’s rugged backdrops. The primary difference between the train ride and motorbike journey is that the train takes you to Greymouth, and being on two wheels will take you further upwards to the Westport town, through State Highway 7. Nelson Lakes National Park, Lake Sumner Forest Park and Hanmer Springs are some of the stopovers that are definitely worth considering along this route.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I don’t know where you got your directions for the Clevedon Loop, but if your going through Waiuku your on the wrong side of the island.
    Waiuku is at the south-west corner of the Manukau Harbour. Clevedon is over towards the East Coast, otherwise known as the Pohutukawa coast.
    Head south on Highway 1 to Bombay, turn left and follow your nose along the Bombay Hills into the Hunua Ranges. Turn left/North till you get to the small village of Hunua.
    Take a right and visit Hunua Falls then pop back out and head to Clevedon along Sky High Rd.
    Now turn right towards Maraitai and eventually follow your nose back to Auckland around the tree lined coast.
    A nice way to spend a couple of hours if you stop for a coffee, ice cream or other refreshments.

  2. There is loop after loop after loop over here guys. As long or short a days ride as you want to make it. ll twisties, lucky to find a straight longer than a few hundred metres. Great scenery as well!

  3. New Zealand offers some of the world’s best motorbike roads and a large number of postcard-worthy routes, begging you to explore on your motorbike. This article shows all the benefits of riding bike on the roads of Newzealand. Thank you so much for this wonderful article. One must check this it gives us more info on this topic.

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