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Top Causes and Ways to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

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Some people consider riding a motorcycle, not just a pure hobby, but  a lifestyle. Sense of adventure, excitement, and passion are some of the significant reasons why motorcycle enthusiasts ride. However, it can also be dangerous. Several factors can contribute to motorcycle accidents. And, both new and trained riders should know the common causes of this kind of accident and how they are going to avoid them. If you are among the motorcycle enthusiasts, the following information could help you on your next ride.


1.Hitting A Patch of Gravel or Sand

There are times that a rider may come across the rough patch across the road where it can cause panic as well as the loss of control over the vehicle. Tip: Give yourself a perfect time to register and then, respond to the obstacles. Make sure to have an open field of vision so that you can see your surroundings.


  1. A Car Turning Left in Front of You

Motorists may collide with your motorcycle while they are turning left around the corner and this kind of accident can be either due to the inattention of the drivers or you are in their blind spot. Tip: You can prevent this kind of collision by slowing down and gauging the other vehicle that is going to turn left. 


  1. A Car Hitting You from Behind

In a case where you are halting at an intersection or crosswalk to avoid something in front of you when a driver behind does not see you, it can result in them plowing into your bike. This kind of accident is known as “rear-ender.” Tip: make sure to slow down gradually before halting. You can also pull over to the roadside at intersections and then flash your brake lights to alert the other vehicles of your presence.


  1. Front Brake Was Locked

A cop, a deer, or a group of people suddenly appear in front of you, and you grab a fistful of your front brake. This kind of action can make your motorcycle cartwheel down the road. Tip: You need to learn how to use your front brake. Although it may be counter-intuitive, it can help you slow down much quicker than with engine braking.


  1. A Car Door Opened

A terrible motorcycle accident may occur if drivers fail to check the way is a clear before they pull out of a car park or open their door. Tip: To avoid a motorcycle accident caused by this circumstance, try to avoid riding closely to parked vehicles on a busy street. On the other hand, if it is impossible to avoid, you can ride at a regulated speed and be alert to signs of activities in parked vehicles.

A motorcycle ride can cause you incomparable excitement and happiness, but at the same time, road accidents. If you encounter these accidents, you can consult a motorcycle accident attorney to help you settle things and safely continue your lifestyle.