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Top 5 Reasons Why Foldable Electric Scooters Will Become the Best Urban Transport

Top 5 Reasons Why Foldable Electric Scooters Will Become the Best Urban Transport
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The electric revolution is coming. As Elon Musk is revolutionizing vehicles, scooters are also making great progress.

Electric scooters come with definite advantages. They have a fashionable design and features and functions that can provide a comfortable and convenient riding experience under any conditions.Top 5 Reasons Why Foldable Electric Scooters Will Become the Best Urban Transport

In the urban area, e-scooters are also revolutionizing the way citizens commute and they are going to become a new wave. Here is why:


Nowadays, automobile exhaust is one of the main sources of the air pollution and a lot of urban residents are attempting to adopt eco-friendly environment. Since the electric scooters depend on batteries that only require charging, they can change everything.

Electric scooters are environmentally friendly and there is no burning of fuels in the engine, unlike traditional vehicles in the urban area, which have to burn down fuels for energy and remit unfriendly gases to the environment in the form of smoke.

The Pro-E-Bike project, funded within the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, investigated the potentialities of electric bicycles and electric scooters (light electric vehicles, LEV) between 2013 and 2016. This paper revealed that considering CO2 emissions, the replacement of traditional vehicles with LEV had tangible effects. For each kilometre, the use of LEV implies a quantity of CO2 saved between 45 to 370g/km and each e-vehicle is able to save between 1.7 and 21kg CO2 per day.

As a result, global warming can be not extended to some extend. This is in fact the most important benefit of electric scooters in all.


Electric scooters undoubtedly has a limited speed as they can’t run as fast as cars. However, they are definitely a time saving machine in the urban area.

In most cities around the world, small or large, traffic jam is a issue that most of us have to deal with everyday. But if you ride an electric scooter, this problem seems less worrying.

Top 5 Reasons Why Foldable Electric Scooters Will Become the Best Urban TransportMost of the electric scooters are small and compact so that they can pass through between cars easily. Even in very tight situations, you can just fold up your e-scooter, pick it up, pass the blockage, and you are ready to go. All you get is a great amount of time saved and the envied looks from people stuck on the road.

For long commuting trips, e-scooters can be a convenient connection with bus, metro, train or any other faster transportation. They also saves you from walking under the hot sun, and getting to the office all sweaty and stinky.


Say your car can run 20 miles per gallon (11.7L/100km) and you have a 30-mile (48km) commute everyday. If you buy gas at American national average gas prices of $2.5 and use your car everyday, that’s an annual fuel cost of $1200 — it’s just on the top of insurance, parking fee, maintenance and the price of the car itself.

In comparison, a decent electric scooters, like those from E-TWOW and VehiGo will just cost about $1000, which is even less than the annual fuel cost of a car. So, you do the math.

Top 5 Reasons Why Foldable Electric Scooters Will Become the Best Urban TransportLiving in the urban area is definitely not an inexpensive lifestyle. So if you are not living too far away from your work place or school, a e-scooter is undoubtedly an affordable transportation.


Almost all of the electric scooters models are built with a limited speed, which allows them to go under 30mph (48km/h). Therefore, most of them don’t require any driving licence in many countries and regions.

Think about all the regulations and red tape you have to go through to get a driving licence, you will appreciate this speed limitation.Top 5 Reasons Why Foldable Electric Scooters Will Become the Best Urban Transport

Of course, just because there is no licence requirement doesn’t mean that you don’t have to follow the rules. There might be some rules for riding electric scooters in your country or region, so it is still a must to check the local regulations.


If you’re residing in a dense urban area, you’ll find that it is really a tough job to find a parking place for your car. This can be perfectly solved with your e-scooter because you can usually park exactly where you’re going.

You don’t need to worry about parking places if you’re on a scooter. You can leave them anywhere a bike can be left. On the top of that, you can also save a heavy amount of money for parking a car.

But more importantly, you can carry your scooter almost anywhere. Because most of the electric scooter allow to be folded or compacted, you can conveniently keep them under your office table or next to your chair.