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TomTom Rider 550 is ‘faster’

TomTom Rider 550
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TomTom says their Rider 550 GPS will be smoother, faster and “techier” with built-in wifi for faster and easier map and traffic updates.

Rider 550 is powered by a quad-core processor so it loads maps and routes faster than before.

It will be available in Australia in Spring with local pricing yet to be confirmed. 

TomTom Rider 450 reviewTomTom Rider 450

Meanwhile, we have reviewed the TomTom Rider 450 and found it even easier to use than the previous Rider 400 model.

While many riders are now using their mobile phones for GPS, they are missing out on extra functionality and easier use with dedicated motorcycle GPS units like the TomTom Rider 450.

We reviewed the previous Rider 400 unit a couple of years ago and found the device so simple to use that you can concentrate more on having fun riding.

The Rider 450 not only has more functions and is even easier to use, but it still costs $599.

It comes with some great new features that aren’t on any phone and will make your ride far more enjoyable.

Touch sensitive

One of the most useful functions for riders that no phone provides is the ability to choose screen touch sensitivity.

The previous TomTom Rider 400 wasn’t particular friendly to winter gloves.TomTom Rider 450

Now you can choose between a light or heavy glove mode that really does sharpen up sensitivity. It even works when the screen is wet from rain!

This allows you to use the pinch function on the maps. It’s more precise than hitting the plus or minus signs.

I also love the function where you simply put your gloved finger on a point on the map where you want to go and it will select a route there and a different route back home.

Like the previous model, you can select whether you want a winding route or not with three levels of “windiness” to choose from: low, mid or high.

You can also choose how hilly you want the route, again with three levels of difficulty … or fun!


The TomTom Rider 450 is easily fitted to your bike with the universal RAM mount and, like the previous model, it rotates easily so you can view the screen in horizontal or vertical format.

Depending on what format you are viewing, it allows you to see further ahead for corners and hazards.

Like the previous Rider 400 screen, it is very clear, but the reflective surface suffers from glare in the sun.

Lifetime maps

One of the hidden costs of a GPS is updating maps and buying maps for overseas when you are on holidays.

However, TomTom users can now download world maps for free with lifetime free updates.

Just connect your device to your computer, set up an account with TomTom, register the details, and download the overseas map of your choice.TomTom Rider 450

Depending on the size of the map, you may need to download one at a time, use it, remove it from the device, and then select another map to install. However, if you have a micro SD card, you can fit more maps.

They all include nearby fuel stop and alerts for fixed camera alerts, points of interest such as motorcycle-friendly hotels and cafes which are updated every time you update the map.

There are also 150 preloaded world routes on the Rider 450 as an additional feature.

You can choose to save your trip and share it with friends, but be aware of incriminating details such as speed.