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Titanium keyrings for Father’s Day

Bico Keyring for fathers day

These titanium Bico Keyklipz keyrings are the ideal gift for a rider or the final stylish touch for your motorcycle!

The Keyklipz keyrings are designed and made in Australia and cost $49.95 for the darker stone tumbled finish and $55 for a lighter hand-brushed finish. 

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Keyklipz keyrings are jewellery quality and include a carabiner-style locking mechanism with an extra secure internal gate/spring on some models so you can never lose a key off the ring. You also don’t need to use your fingernail to prise a keyring apart to get a key on or off.

The Keyklipz designs include a teardrop (like a fuel tank), chunky cross, heart and even one with a beer bottle opener!

You can also use it as a carabiner for hooking your helmet strap to the bike, securing luggage, or small multi-tools.

They are manufactured using EDM (Wire Electrical Discharge Machine) technology which is slow and expensive, but precise.

The stone tumbled/washed finish is achieved through acid washing, hand burnishing and then placing them in a vibrator filled with actual stones and special liquids and left for 36 hours.

The final surface is smooth and has a natural grey colour that has a textured look.

The hand-brushed keyrings are stone tumbled, then hand-brushed with a variety of sand papers and diamond wheels to cut the grey skin off the surface leaving a bright silver ‘matte’ finish.

They are tough and importantly they look stylish enough to match your motorcycle.Bico Keyklipz platinum keyrings