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Tips for new motorcycle riders

Couples riding pillion ride

Watching riders proudly riding and winging their way through the air takes your breath away. Charmed by this show, many young men hurry out to buy a motorcycle. They see girls sitting behind the riders and think that after purchasing an iron horse all love problems will be over once and for all. 

Preoccupied with these thoughts and dreams, many learners forget essential things before starting riding. They forget that motorbiking was not just like buying online lotto tickets. It requires knowledge, caution, a cool head and practice to avoid dangers.

Read on to know what those things are if you decided to saddle a motorbike for the first time.

Choosing a motorcycle

The first natural urge of new riders is buying the best cutting-edge motorbike. It is hardly a good idea. The first motorbike will suffer a lot of wrecks because a beginner should have to gain riding skills. It will be your first brother in arms that will share your mistakes and falls.  Its destiny is to get damaged. In any case, you will want to buy a new one. It is a matter of time. Learning may take half a year or a year. That’s why it is good advice to buy a cheap motorbike.  This decision will save you regret that you spent so much money. Click on this link to check bikes for learners.

Learning your motorbike

If you are on a first-name basis with motorcycles, feel free to skip this recommendation. For others, it is vital to know the fuel economy and its fuel capacity so you know its range. These characteristics are to be taken into account in case you intend to take your first trip. (By the way, beginners should start with a short trip). Unlike cars, motorcycles have two tires, and they are as valuable as gold. Check their condition and pressure before setting out and avoid nails, glass and other things that may damage them.

Safety measures

Safety is always on top and safety gear is a must-have for all bikers. If you do have a fall, you will thank your helmet, gloves, motorcycles pants, boots and jacket for keeping your body in one piece. It will take time to get used to this outfit, because you will fell a bit “inconvenient” and not as attractive as you imagine. However, it may save your life. A road and everything on it is dangerous. That is a mantra for beginners. It means you need to be attentive and watch for cars, people, dirt, gravel and animals that may suddenly come out of the forest. High speed is another danger. Riding is always associated with the opportunity to ride faster than the wind.  Try your best to resist this temptation until mastering your riding skills.

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  1. I think the best advice for beginners is what my father told me when I started riding…..”ride as if everyone else on the road is out to kill you, ride defensively and you might survive”.
    I still follow his advice nearly 50 years later.

  2. I would say ride it every day in all conditions. No good learning to be a fair weather weekender and panic as soon as it gets wet. And always ride your own race and at 8/10ths, trying to keep up with your mates will more than likely see them picking you up out of the bushes when you over baked that corner.

  3. You should choose a practical all-rounder for your first bike for two reasons. 1) These bikes are easy to ride and will give you confidence. And having confidence will help you quickly develop your riding skills. 2) The all round capabilities of these bikes allows you to try different types of riding to see what you like best. Cruisers and sports bikes are popular but they are only designed for smooth roads. Don’t be sucked in by exotic Italian or classic American brand names. In some cases you just end up spending more money for an inferior bike.

  4. Learn how to stop quickly whilst remaining upright. I spent a few weeks mastering the sequence of front brake followed by back brake to tuck the nose in followed by a few more learning how to brake when cornering without losing the front or having the back wheel trying to overtake me

  5. I have always dreamed of having a motorcycle, and now we are looking to buy one. As you said, this takes knowledge and caution. You’re right that your first bike might suffer some wrecks in the process of learning to ride. We’ll be sure to keep this in mind as we choose my first motorcycle. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Finding a good motorbike to learn on that can take a lot of damage is a good idea. Doing research into the different types of bikes, before and after you start learning, would probably help you find the best one. I would imagine that checking with different professionals could help you get the advice you need in order to choose the best one.

  7. The other day my father called me up and said he was interested in getting a motorcycle. It states in the article that you should make sure to choose a durable motorcycle, especially if you are a new rider. I know my father doesn’t have a ton of experience, so we’ll have to find a dealer that has bikes meant for someone on his skill level. Thank you for the terrific tips.

  8. My girlfriend is begging me to get a motorcycle but I am just not sure on what kind to get. I like that you cared to mention that most new riders want to buy a cutting-edge bike but that is not the best idea. Thanks again for all the information and I will look into getting a little bit of an older bike so that I can wreck it!

  9. I really like your tip about buying a cheap motorcycle for your first motorcycle. It is true, it will take a while to learn how to ride and the bike could fall or get into small wrecks. I will have to try to convince my husband to do that, so he can learn first.

  10. That’s a good tip to have a helmet, gloves, motorcycles pants, boots and jacket. Those things will come in handy in the case of a fall. I’ve always wanted to ride but hadn’t had the time to learn. I might pick it up now that I’m retired.

  11. For beginners, I’d suggest driving the motorbike safely to avoid any accidents. They say, it’s better to be late than never. Drive safely!

  12. It sure was nice that you suggested buying a cheap motorbike because you can expect your first motorbike to suffer a lot of wrecks if you’re a beginner. My husband is planning to buy a motorcycle for our son. Our son has never tried riding a motorcycle on his own, so I will be sure to share your blog with my husband.

  13. Thank you for all of your great tips on motorcycles! I have been considering getting a motorcycle. I will definitely keep all of your information in mind if I do end up getting a motorcycle.

  14. My brother-in-law is thinking of buying a motorcycle so he can go on a road trip with his buddies. I really appreciate your advice on making sure you know the fuel economy and range of the bike so you don’t get stranded somewhere. I am also really worried about his bike getting stolen and him being stranded. With the holiday season coming up maybe I can get him some kind of anti-theft device to help him!

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