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The RMK E2 Electric Hubless Motorcycle Could be Coming Soon

RMK E2 teaser

Some News Is Coming

I reported on the Finnish electric motorcycle the RMK E2. The bike was shown in prototype form a while back but there hasn’t been much else that has popped up after that initial prototype. The company was taking preorders for $2,300 but then went more or less silent. Well, we now know they’ve been hard at work.

The company recently posted a teaser on Facebook of a camouflage bike and said that an announcement is coming soon. The post was an image of the bike with a rider on it. The caption reads, “Big announcement around the corner.”

RMK didn’t say much about what it means by this, but we’d expect it plans to unveil the production bike. It would only make sense for the company to do so. The bike has been in the works for a while now, and I would assume that the folks who put down pre-orders are itching to see what their money is going to get them. 

The bike is a fully electric motorcycle with a rear hubless design. The prototype made 67 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. The range for the bike was said to be about 186 miles per charge. That would certainly put other motorcycles—Harley, we’re looking at you—to shame. It’ll be interesting to see what the production motorcycle is like and where it falls in terms of price.