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The Hydrogen Hack: Kawasaki and Yamaha Charge Toward Carbon Neutrality

A view of a man bowing to a Yamaha motorcycle that's been stripped

…and They Just Might Join Forces and Co-Develop a Hydrogen Engine To Speed Things Along

In a recent Joint Press Conference posted on YouTube by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Kawasaki Heavy Industries), Subaru Corporation (Subaru), Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda), and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Yamaha Motor), the topic was carbon neutrality – specifically, what each company has prepped to combat the flat-out use of gas.

“Toward the achievement of carbon neutrality, [we] will take on the challenge of expanding fuel options through the use of internal combustion engines,” states the report from MotoPinas, in accordance with the joint agreement from all parties. 

Source: MotoPinas

Together, the five companies “intend to unite and pursue the three initiatives of..” 

1) Participating in races using carbon-neutral fuels

2) Exploring the use of hydrogen engines in two-wheeled and other vehicles

3) Continuing to race using hydrogen engines.

This is purportedly in a bid to cater to the public by “[providing] customers with greater choice.”

A view of a motorcyclist enjoying a ride with mountains in the background

Source: New.In-24

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Kawasaki Heavy Industries) also states in the Press Conference that they have been “focusing on hydrogen as a next-generation energy source,” with the current focus being to “[use] hydrogen throughout the entire supply chain needed to support society.”

“Also, based on hydrogen combustion technologies cultivated through the creation of the world’s first successful urban-area, 100 percent hydrogen-fueled gas turbine power generation technology (for which it completed development in 2018), Kawasaki Heavy Industries is developing hydrogen-fueled engines for land, sea, and air mobility applications, such as for aircraft, ships, and two-wheeled vehicles.

Source: VisorDown

Yamaha’s on board with this, seeing as their own lean points toward “developing hydrogen engine technology for possible use in its two-wheeled vehicles, ROV (four-wheeled recreational off-highway vehicle) series, and other products.”

“To accelerate this technology development, it is preparing to introduce new equipment and is strengthening its in-house development structure.”

A view of the new supercharged hybrid motorcycle that Kawasaki has been working on

Source: MCN

The match made in heaven now purportedly has plans to co-create a hydrogen engine for motorcycles, or ‘two-wheeled vehicles,’ if we’re going to be sticklers and include scooters in there. 

“Going forward, they are planned to be joined by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and Suzuki Motor Corporation…[and] to maintain a distinct line between cooperation and competition, they intend to proceed after establishing a framework that will clearly define areas of cooperation and collaborative research.”

A view of a rider enjoying a lean into the twisties, on a Kawasaki motorcycle

Source: Asphalt & Rubber

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*Featured image sourced from New.In-24