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Take a Closer Look at the Cheapest and Most Expensive Dirt Bikes You Can Buy on Amazon

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Bikes and Beards Keeps the Amazon Purchases Going

I shared with you all the previous videos of the guys at the YouTube channel Bikes and Beards beating the crap out of motorcycles purchased on Amazon. Well, the Amazon bike buying continues. This time, they buy the most expensive and least expensive 125cc Chinese-made dirt bikes on Amazon to compare them. 

They purposely bought 125cc models. The cheapest one was $747 shipped and the most expensive one was $950 shipped. The expensive one is from Apollo and the cheap one is from TaoTao. As you can see in the video below, the bikes are shipped in different states of assembly. The TaoTao one was shipped pretty much together, whereas the Apollo bike needed some serious assembly.

The extra money spent on the higher dollar Apollo model doesn’t get you much. You have an owners manual, assembly manual (that was for the wrong bike), a tool kit, and a certificate of origin. Both bikes were missing bolts, and both were a little roughed up from the shipping process. The TaoTao actually broke. However, the bike can be purchased with a three-year warranty, though it’s unclear what the process of actually getting the bike fixed through the warranty is like.

Personally, I’d rather own a used Japanese dirtbike, but the guys at Bikes and Beards make a good point that you can get parts for these cheap Chinese bikes very quickly and affordably. If you know how to fix the bike yourself, they might not be the worst option.