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Beating on a Bike Bought From Amazon for 72 Hours

Amazon bike test

Torture Test for Quality

I reported a while back on the YouTuber that bought the most expensive street-legal motorcycle he could find on Amazon. It was a sportbike of an unclear brand with a Lifan engine that he paid about $2,500 for. While the motorcycle seemed like not such a bad buy at first, he wanted to see what it was really made of, so he devised a torture test that was meant to replicate five or so years of heavy use.

The test consisted of the following:

  • Redline the motorcycle for 1 hour.
  • Keep the engine running for 72 hours.
  • Clutch test by towing a van half a mile. 
  • Oil change while running (it ran without oil for 5 minutes).
  • Heat test with a space heater. 
  • Off-roading the bike. 

As you can see in the video below. The bike takes all of this abuse like a champ. Is it the toughest machine out there? Certainly not, but it’s surprisingly good for the money. The motorcycle actually comes with a two-year powertrain warranty and a one-year fender to fender warranty. All things considered, this is a pretty good bike for $2,500.