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Suzuki DR650 Engine Guards

Suzuki DR650 Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard Review

Review Summary

A cage-like guard that protects the rear master cylinder (in theory).

Do you need it? Probably not…and I’m not convinced that the bike is better off with it.

But hey — it sure looks cool!

Here’s another one of these “How can I burn up some more money” accessories that you don’t really need but can’t resist.

This time, it’s a guard for the rear master cylinder on the DR650.

Do you really need a guard for the rear master cylinder? Probably not. The master cylinder is tucked away behind your right leg, outboard of the front part of the swingarm on the right-hand side of the bike.

But, you never know… If the bike tips over and another one of those pointy rocks just happens to be in the right/wrong place, I suppose in theory it could tear off the master cylinder.

The chances of this happening are, well, remote. I think they are, anyway. Can anyone provide photos or evidence that this has actually happened to a DR650?

I’ll admit — I’m the least likely to know. I’m an admitted poseur when it comes to the DR650 and “adventure” touring.

My “adventures” involve plunking around on soft pastures and dirt roads and that’s about it.

I live, oh, about 2,000 miles away from the Rockies, so I’m not likely to find any big rocks along any of the boggy trails I ride on — and I don’t ride on many of those, either.

So why install a rear master cylinder guard? Well, that question could be asked for just about anything else I’ve stuck on the bike.

But that doesn’t stop me from farkling it up! Why not? It’s all part of the fun in owning a “budget adventure tourer”!

Rear Master Cylinder Guard Close-up
The DR650 rear master cylinder guard with socket head cap screws, washers and spacers.

Suzuki DDR650 Rear Master Cylinder Guard

This is yet another product I bought during a visit to the Pro Cycle website. I believe the guard is made by a company called “TCI Products” but I’m not sure.

It’s sort of a rough-looking piece, not unlike something you could hack together yourself, if you had the time and energy. And the fabrication and welding equipment. And skills…

Like most of the DR650 farkles, it costs about twice as much as you’d like to pay ($31.95). It’s basically a steel wire frame with that diamond-shaped mesh welded on top. It’s supposed to be powder-coated in flat black but the edges on mine started rusting rather quickly, which is unfortunate.

It comes with a couple of black-painted socket head cap screws, which also started rusting almost immediately, so I replaced them with stainless steel versions, along with stainless steel washers underneath.

The kit also has a pair of spacers that locate between the back of the guard and the master cylinder. Installation is easy; simply unbolt the two socket head cap screws holding on the master cylinder and replace with the spacers and the new screws. I used a dab of blue Loctite just to make sure. Don’t overtighten…

By the way, TCI also makes a headlight guard for the DR650 using the same wire mesh and with the matte black powdercoat. Of course, I ordered one of those, too!

Here are the before and after photos:

Rear Master Cylinder Guard Installed
Rear master cylinder guard installed. Note missing swingarm pivot cover, since replaced!


Although the guard will probably help in a simple tip-over, I’m concerned that the guard now offers a leverage point for a passing rock or branch to catch and rip the master cylinder from its moorings.

But, like I said — it looks cool, and that counts for something. I’m interested in hearing from other DR650 owners on their thoughts regarding the pros and cons of this guard.

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wBW Review: Suzuki DR650 Rear Master Cylinder Guard
Manufacturer: TCI Products (Unconfirmed)
Available From: Pro Cycle
List Price: $31.95 USD
Colors: Black. Made In: U.S.A.
Review Date: January 2012

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