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Suzuki Could Release the Chinese-Made Haojue DR300 as Its Own

Suzuki DR300

Could This be the Suzuki GSX-S300

Suzuki and the Chinese motorcycle company Haojue have a strong partnership. Haojue has a new DR300 naked motorcycle and now the Indian press, publications like Zig Wheels, is speculating that Suzuki could release that motorcycle as a Suzuki model with the model name GSX-S300. 

Haojue isn’t a well-known name in many circles, though the company claims to export bikes to 80 countries. With that said, it has manufacturing ties to Suzuki, and it has built a pretty good name for itself in the industry. The company’s bikes definitely take styling cues from Suzuki, so the rebranding of the DR300 as the GSX-S300 honestly would make a lot of sense. 

It’s a good way for Suzuki to get a small naked motorcycle into its lineup that’s different from its current offerings. It’s likely that Suzuki would sell this model in Asian markets if it decided to do what folks are speculating. The bike would replace some of the older options Suzuki sells that are around the same displacement. The models Suzuki currently sells in those markets that would make the most sense to replace is the GW250, according to RideApart. The GSX-S300 would be a notable improvement over that aging model. Time will tell what Suzuki does here, but this doesn’t sound like too bad of an option.