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Survey finds riders keen for smart helmets

Top of road safety gear

Forcite Helmet Worn By Rider
Credit: WebBikeWorld

Smart helmets with head-up display and other hi-tech features rank as the most exciting piece of kit riders are keen to try in 2022, according to a new UK survey.

The Bikesure survey found that riders are keen to invest in new technologies to improve their safety while riding.

Top if their wish list for hi0tech safety gear are smart helmets such as Australia’s Forcite MK1 helmet.

Forcite Mk1 smart helmet
Forcite Mk1 smart helmet

We have been hearing about these smart helmets for sever al years with a raNge of technology such as head-up display like jet fighter pilots have been using for years.

The helmets are now starting to hit the market with features that display GPS directions, allow phone calls, show 360° rearview footage from an inbuilt camera, provide traffic alerts and even alert you to traffic hazards.

Whether these are a safety feature or create distraction is still open to debate.

However, the UK study found smart helmets were ranked top of the kit wish list by 52% with younger riders most receptive while over 65s (35%) were more hesitant.

A slim 51% majority of those surveyed believed their riding experiences would be enhanced by new technologies in smart helmets.

Over half of those set to consider investing in new technologies and modifications say that safety credentials are the most important buying consideration (53%) which beat out other considerations such as price, weight and looks.

Other safety improvements that riders are most excited about include modular helmets with improved flow and visibility; airbag vests, jackets and full-length suits; and lightweight adventure riding gear.

Similarly, younger riders are more receptive than older riders to this new gear.

Riders are also considering modifications and technological upgrades to their bikes in 2022.

Some 39% are likely to invest in bikes with ABS, 32% in adaptive headlights, 28% in smart windshield upgrades, and 26% in a bike with vehicle-to-vehicle technology (V2V) or bike-to-vehicle technology (B2V).