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Support petition against hi-vis rider gear

Hi-vis motorcycle clothing candy

Riders are invited to sign a petition against the Victorian Government’s recent decision to introduce hi-vis rider gear for newly licensed riders.


However, not only should Victorian riders sign the petition to protect their freedom and safety, but all riders should sign because it could spread to other states and countries and not just for learner riders. In fact, the French Government is suggesting hi-vis for all riders.

Victorian Minister for Roads Terry Mulder recently introduced the rule as part of a raft of new legislation for the introduction of graduated motorcycle licensing requirements. While most of the rules followed the recommendations of the Victorian Government’s Road Safety Committee, the Minister seems to have gone off on a tangent with his hi-vis rider gear rule.

It not only runs contra to the committee’s recommendations, but is also not grounded in scientific research. There are several international studies, which have contradicting findings on the safety of hi-vis rider gear. Some even suggest that dark clothing is more visible in certain lighting situations while hi-vis rider gear may be less visible in certain conditions. Others suggest that hi-vis clothing can create a “target fixation” for motorists, causing them to steer toward the wearer.

There seems to be no conclusive study, yet the Minister has acted on a gut instinct and chosen to grab some cheap headlines at the possible expense of riders’ lives. The concern for all riders is that politicians in other states and countries may also want to follow his headline-grabbing lead.

It is wrong for governments to legislate for our safety on shaky scientific grounds. It should be up to each individual rider to decide whether they want to wear hi-vis rider gear or not.

I have chosen to wear hi-vis rider gear in the outback during dusk, night and dawn to attract the light beams of vehicles. But I don’t feel safe wearing it during the day. So why should anyone be forced to do something that does not make them feel safe and secure?

For many, it may be a matter of fashion-consciousness and I agree that I feel like a dork in hi-vis rider gear. However, this petition is not a matter of fashion; it is a matter of freedom of choice and personal safety.


  1. We should have the right to choose what to wear. Please respect my right.

  2. Hatred against bikers doesn’t dissapear if suddenly they wear a banana jacket or whatever……. stupidity by cagedrivers playing with their mp4 or phone doesn’t go away by us riding round like clowns. I gotaway last dec.- 110 km/hr smack in the side of a volvo- and yes, i wore camo pants and black jacket,…so what?? The bike was bright red,and my lights work fine. Why should we be punished and why should we accept that yuppies are trying to make us dress up up like we are cars??!! Let them open their bloody eyes for a change, that.ll make a huge difference !! Never surrender !!

  3. If you tell a Learner motorcycle that Hi-Viz will make cage drivers see them, then you are giving them a massive False Sense of Security. The fact is – car drivers are not looking for riders. And every rider needs to be trained to ride and think, “What is that cage driver going to do next?” Wearing hi-via gear isn’t going to make things much better, its an aid – and a very poor aid at best. I’m all for voluntary wearing of Hi-viz, but in my experience it doesn’t make drivers see me with any increased frequency…

    I’ve have over 1Million kms of riding experience, and in all that time I have tried wearing hi-viz, I ride with my headlight on (its hard wired in all Harley Davidsons) and I have lost count of the number of drivers (1000s) who fail to see me.

  4. In France, “…. the debate over the potential mandatory high visibility vest for all riders has just resurrected with the government now considering the option of forcing all bikers to carry one with them at all times, but without making it compulsory to wear whilst riding”

  5. I’m an adult and a bike rider, if a bike rider has to wear hi-vis to be seen then brown, green, grey, black, army vehicles should also be made to have reflective hi-vis so they can be seen by ignorant drivers who believe a licence is a right and not a privilege while they are on the phone texting/facebooking or adjusting their 140db stereo, putting on makeup.

  6. a lot of this has to do, with trying to make the rider responsible for another drivers incompitence

    third party insurance for us is already way to high for motorcycles, considering it only covers
    your pillion or someone you injure, when you consider that most car/motorcycle accidents
    are the fault of the car driver, and the number of car drivers and pedestrians hurt by motorcyles
    would be insignificant. it would seem we are paying high premiums to cover our own injuries caused by someone
    else. now with headlights on, helmets and now high vis they are trying to make us responsible for others behaviour
    and you can bet failure to fully comply will lead to insurance companies claiming contributory negligence.
    under these thought processes will we soon see pedestrians having to wear helmets and high vis?
    ridiculous? of course it is

  7. At the risk of sounding monotonous, I have posted my opinion once before on this and I will reiterate…..if the Ignorant government sees fit to mandate hi vis apparel compulsory, why don’t they then insist that ALL motor vehicles be painted hi vis as well……just like they do in the mining industry?…..I am so OVER their patronising and treating the motoring public (drivers and riders alike} like non-thinking morons……ridiculous!

  8. Hi vis vests are not the answer on improving safety for motor cycle rider. Education of other road users will benefit everyone, car drivers, bicycle riders, pedestrians and motor cycle riders. While some legislation is required to apply minimum safety standards, it should be the rider to choose what is suitable for the conditions at the time.

    With today’s clothing technology, unobtrusive safety and visibility can be included in rationally designed clothing that can be purchased from retail outlets to suit individual needs.

  9. Next we’ll get pulled up for belonging to a hiviz patched outlaw motorcycle gang.

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