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Sturgis Police Keep a Small Protest at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally From Turning Violent

Image from Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Facebook Page

Tensions Rise In Sturgis

At the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, a small protest nearly turned violent on Saturday, August 15, 2020. The protestors are said to have been Antifa protestors. They held signs saying “We don’t want you here” and “Noem, send them home” referring to South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. 

According to RideApart, there were some ads posted online that called for an “anti-white” rally. This ad was misspelled and it was determined to be fake by USA Today. However, it likely did help calm tensions between those at Sturgis for the rally and the protestors.

At one point, one of the protestors kicked at a motorcycle that swerved somewhat close. It was at this time Sturgis Police moved in, arresting the protestor who kicked at the bike. After a talk with the remaining protestors, police escorted them out of the area. The police managed to keep the peace between the two groups and prevent any further violence.

Tensions appear to be high at Sturgis. While I’m not there reporting on the situation, there are many videos that show this particular incident. I’ve included one video below so you can see it for yourself.

  1. you do not want to screw with a bunch of bikers they will smash your skull in and drink beer out of it LOL

    1. Well Wade, they got what they wanted…Publicity. Well done article sir, refrshing.

      1. They waited till most of us had left the area or it would not have been like this for an ending. Some of us still believe this is the greatest country in the world and don’t want to think all of our grandfathers, fathers, brothers and sisters have givin their live for these idiots. If they don’t like it, move on to better.

    2. I think the indecent in itself was minor there was biker intimidation going on the protesters do have their right to protest.the police handled it well, that said I noticed no one ( outside of the protesters and one other individual) was concerned about COVID as no masks were being worn or any form of distance was maintained including the Police. I personally do not have an objection to holding the Sturges Rally . Time will tell if or how many individuals there become effected by COVID . The prudent thing to do if you attended would be to get a COVID test get the results. This would help to determine if events such as Sturges do in fact spread the virus or is there a political agenda creating unnecessary paranoia. Common sense needs to be used at all times with this without it dividing people down political lines.
      I am hopeful Sturges proves social gatherings can happen .

      1. NO! PROTESTERS HAD NO RIGHT TO INTERFERE WITH STURGIS IN ANY WAY! Sturgis had nothing to do with their politics! So leave your shit at home next time!

        1. Yea but they had to have the police to protect the protesters even though they want to defund the police but yet needed them for protection I call them hypocrite cowards.

  2. I guess those guys don’t know to much of the Hell’s Angels..I Remember back in the 60’s and 70’s. You just don’t play with these guys..

  3. I wonder if they still want to defund the police. That’s probably the only reason the dude that tried to kick the bike is still alive. How stupid do you have to be. A biker will kill you for that kind of shit.

  4. It seemed as though the incident was small in reality. The COVID virus apparently is not a concern with both attendees or police since no masks or distance was observed. Time will tell if any of either side contracts the virus and should that happen the possibility of spreading it to their local area obviously increases. I personally do not have an objection to the Rally and I believe a lot of the COVID information is tainted for political reasons. However there should be some real concern about the virus and using common sense to stop the spread . I believe if you attend something like this then you should take the initiative and get a COVID test done , this would help in getting real information about attending events like this and not manufactured information to appease any political party.

    1. They did have free COVID testing at Sturgis from what I understand. From what I’ve seen, though, few folks wore masks and took precautions.

  5. Also
    Defunding the police or postal system is not a reality. As demonstrated the police did their jobs and got the protesters out. Black lives are not the only lives that matter . Dr. King in one of his historical speech ( March on Washington) refers to (all gods creatures )not just Black Lives . If equality is what is wanted then equality needs to be given on all sides and genders. I do not agree with mail in ballots as there is no way to prove identity of the individual (s) or if the persons being sent ballots are even alive or human. I received one recently to an address I just moved to with the wrong name as it had a middle initial there and I do not have one plus I have not informed the polling place about my move . My question is
    How did they get this information and it’s obvious it’s not correct. Last year I had to show id to vote this year the governor waived that . WHY?

  6. I witnessed on live feed two incidents..a police chase into a group of parked bikes, and the protest incident. The sturgis police did a remarkable job both times, not only in response, but how they handled themselves. One officer wearing a gray shirt and suspenders really prevented an escalation by defusing an overzealous and physical person. I would have been tempted to arrest him for inciting, disturbing the peace and resisting an officer. Good job Sturgis. Kept it cool.

  7. Piss on the covid. This is Sturgis rally and the protesters stiring their bull crap proud to be black white racism should hold the exact same consequences as the rest of the entire nation. Black people and gay lesbian people are not picked on by today’s residence. I do believe at one point they were but there are seldom few that have ever felt that pain. So why in this day in age they feel poverty and abuse among other things. If I pull my cell out of my back pocket and an African American pulls a gun the white man almost always will be shot first. Even when it was the black man trying to rob me.

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