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State ‘reviews’ highway speed limit

M1 speed limit

Queensland’s widest and best-engineered highway, the M1 from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, faces a “review” of speeds after the limit was reduced by 10km/h for the Commonwealth Games.

If such a well-built road has its speed reduced, what will happen to the rest of the roads in the state?

Already speeds have been reduced on many roads, despite vehicles becoming safer.

Crashes reduced

The reason for the review of the M1 110km/h speed limit is that the number of accidents on the road dropped while the speed was reduced.

However, it should be noted that many took public transport instead of the highway, heeding the media scare campaign about traffic jams during the Games. The result was that the Gold Coast was a virtual “ghost town”.

It should also be noted that police presence on the road was increased during the Games, resulting in more motorists observing the speed limit.

More police patrolsDayGlo Queensland motorcycle Police limit

Perhaps rather than permanently reducing the speed limit, police should continue to patrol the road, booking motorists for blocking the right lane and trucks for not using the two left lanes.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey says “all of the M1 initiatives” would be reviewed and it is hoped they retain the rule about restricting trucks to the two left lanes.

However, he has also previously not ruled out a permanent reduction of speed limits on the M1, if a review found they made the motorway safer.

Our view

As a motorcyclist, I try to avoid the M1 and any other major highways because they are boring and motorcycles dangerously “disappear” among the heavy traffic.

I’d rather ride the back roads, anyway.

However, riders should be concerned about any government speed “reviews” as they only ever seem to result in reductions! Take, for example, the Oxley Highway!

  1. The 110 streatch of the m1 is actually the safest bit with far fewer accidents than the other bits.
    When will these well meaning idiots learn it’s not speed that’s the problem it’s stupidity! Any speed is dangerous if you are doing something stupid!
    100 kph is still well in the danger zone of fatalities due to excessive g force or the fire that happens after almost every crash these days. And the problem is the slower you make people go the more likely it is that someone will do something stupid fatally stupid!

  2. Lowering speed limits are like restricting drains, resulting in backups & blockages.
    Perhaps fewer accidents is a result of so many people avoiding the M1, thousands of regular visitors to the GC avoided it like the plague prior to & during the Com games.
    We need to increase the speed limit to 120kph, educate drivers to move over to left lanes & restrict trucks/buses/caravans/boats to far left lanes unless overtaking & leave sensible gaps for vehicles to merge on entry.
    I have family on the GC & the word a year prior to the Com games was to go somewhere else while it was on. They & many thousands more of locals pre-booked holidays & left the GC!

  3. Reducing speed limits is a lot cheaper than improving the road designs or putting out a more visible police presence. The former brings in revenue, the latter increases expenditure. Of course they could just acknowledge that travelling at any speed above human walking pace brings with it an increase in risk that most people are prepared to assume in order to get to and from work in a reasonable time.

  4. I live on the GC and I feared the morons in charge of speed would consider this after trialling it.

    What a load of shit. I did have to ride to Brisbane when the limit was introduced 1 month prior to the games and it was painful. Its a freakin 4 lane hwy and they should be raising it to 130km.

    Accidents happen because of inattention not speeding, faster speeds keep you alert.

    I’m so sick and tired of this crap.

    1. Agreed, each lane should have a 10kmh speed increase, and only specially trained and licences roadusers should be allowed to use them.
      The majority of road users can not even drive at a 100kmh, as that is peaking near their maximum ability, let alone letting them in 110, 120 or 130kmh lanes, which likely exceeds their ability!

  5. Reducing speed limits on roads causes more accidents, in Uk the speed limit is 70mph and most drive at 80 mph the police don’t bother much booking you for that speed and not many accidents so here they talk a lot of crap it’s only revenue raising the idiots need to live in the real world. Lowering speed limits means longer to get to your destination on a boring road so more accidents grrrr.

  6. If they did not constantly terminate the slow speed lane it would be much safer. What is a big difference with Euro roads, in Euro land they don’t run the slow speed lane into the Armco every few km.
    How many times on the M1 do they do that, why do you think trucks and cars don’t want to stay in the slow speed lane, because some tosser keeps trying to terminate them into a piece of Armco.
    For frig sake this is roading 101 what are these tossers thinking.

  7. My recent experience driving down the M1, saw a Tarago full of tourists suddenly veered straight across three lanes including in across in front of me, to make a panic exit to the off ramp he had almost missed, my experienced eye had anticipated this as I could see he was looking down at a GPS on his phone. I still had to get to my destination at the Gold Coast and it made for a very long and tense trip wondering what other ‘near death’ experiences I might encounter. It’s not speed that’s the problem, it’s dumbness and the distraction of tech devices in vehicles.

  8. I’ve got a couple of things to add to this. Firstly, I worked at the Coomera Indoor sports centre during the games for 15 days.
    My 1st couple of days onsite involved using the train from Park Rd station to Coomera.
    …Bloody brilliant service, roughly a 40-45 min journey.. sadly, the connecting transport infrastructure to get us (the workforce) was non-existent, resulting in sharing taxis, thumbing rides with whoever to get to & from the station, & a shit load of walking. Thanks to Peter Beattie for that.

    Actual shuttle buses didn’t come into play ’till day 1 of actual events. This issue was later resolved by me car-pooling with our audio engineer down the M1.

    Some days we had bloody early starts, other time later ones, & some long days, then heading back north at later hours. Never a bloody problem. The traffic flowed nicely, no congestion at all & we witnessed 0% trauma. The reduced speed limit did suck tho, & we couldn’t understand the reason for it.

    2ndly, as a rider, the M1 & Ipswich Motorway scare the bejeezers out of me, & I agree with Mark in feeling safer out in the backroads. I feel safest on the major carriageways in the right hand lane, away from harms way with merging traffic & idiots constantly lane changing. When some clown (or clownette) in an Audi, BMW, Mercedes or V8 Ute comes up my arse, I happily move to the left, let them go, then get back out there.

  9. “Morons”, “idiots”, ” tossers”…. would it be possible to discuss something properly without resorting to abuse? Not a good look for the motorcycling fraternity to always be talking like this. Just reinforces the stereotype.

    1. Hi Jack,
      I couldn’t agree more.
      They don’t have this sort of division among the cycling fraternity … is it any wonder they are so much more effective at lobbying government?

      1. If they own it they have to wear it.
        Explain to me how we can have any confidence in a system that is so inept at doing a very simple thing (designing a road that is safer). All they have to do is copy many know working examples, but they don’t.
        The planners have gone out of their way on the M1 to make it as dangerous as possible by forcing slow speed traffic to constantly merge and remerge with traffic in an overtaking lane.
        In my view they should be up on charges for each and every accident that can be attributed to their gross negligence in the matter.

  10. I’m going to be in the absolute minority here, but I’m all for reducing speed limits, especially on major hwys. I regularly travel the Hume Hwy. People advocating for increasing speed limits to 120 or 130 forget the fact that the human brain only works and reacts so fast. The difference in your ability to react in time from 130 down to 90 is huge. It’s all fine while things are running smoothly, but when the shit hits the fan, the faster you are travelling, the more likely you are to not be able to react in time. With the roads getting more crowded, I say everyone should just relax, leave a bit earlier, go a bit slower and have a better chance of survival. Okay people, bring on the hate.

      1. BB, you’ll probably be surprised to hear this, but you & the Hume Highway are several thousand ks away from the Gold Coast.

  11. We live in a dishonest society. We were induced to believe the lowered speed limits were for the duration of the Commonwealth Games only, but this was just a “bait & switch” trick. Not the first time either.
    If decisionmakers are dishonest we all catch the plague.

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