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South Dakota Department of Health Reports a Case of COIVD-19 from the Sturgis Rally

Image from Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Facebook Page

How Many More Will Come?

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has concluded, and now we will see how many riders and attendees contracted COVID-19. The main concern surrounding the rally was the pandemic. A gathering as large as Sturgis is bound to cause issues, and now we’re seeing the beginning of those issues.

According to the Rapid City Journal, the first case of COVID-19 from the rally has been confirmed. Let’s hope it’s the last. However, I doubt we can say that. The person in question was in contact with many other people at the rally, and he visited One-Eyed Jack’s Saloon on Main St. in Sturgis.

While this is just one confirmed case, the implications could be dire. There were hundreds of thousands of people that visited Sturgis. According to RideApart, over 460,000 vehicles entered Sturgis over the course of the gathering. That’s a lot of vehicles and a lot of people. Even if the numbers are off, there’s potential to spread the virus to a lot of riders and other people across South Dakota and other states. Those riders didn’t stay in Sturgis, so that means they’re traveling around the country now.

I get why folks wanted to go. After being cooped up for months, getting out into the Black Hills on motorcycles may have seemed like a good idea. I’m sure at least some people who came to the Sturgis area were able to do so safely. As I mentioned in my article about the charitable giving to Meals on Wheels, not everyone stays in the town of Sturgis, and many come to simply ride the Black Hills and enjoy the great outdoors.

Still, it hardly seems smart in the middle of a pandemic that has killed over 170,000 Americans so far to hold a large gathering where there is potential to spread the virus more. The tracking of cases that originated in Sturgis is going to be difficult, according to the South Dakota Department of Health. It could take weeks if it’s ever accurately tracked at all.

  1. That is not a report that gives much encouragement, but at least you will Die having had the Wind in Your face, and bugs on your Teeth (:>}

  2. They could have called it a “Protest” and I guess they would have to worry about the virus spreading????

  3. I thought motorcyclists were “rugged individualists”, who laughed in the face of risk every time they threw a leg over their favorite bike. I sure don’t get the cold sweats of fear before I get on my bike, and riding (because the pool of riders is so small, about 2% of the population) is a greater risk than from Sars-Cov-2.

    IF… notice the LARGE IF… the Fauci/Tedros/Ferguson pandemic projections were not wrong by at least a couple orders of magnitude, maybe worrying about the Sturgis rally MIGHT be justified. But the forecasted many-10’s-OF-MILLIONS-DEAD worldwide is actually going to be more like 1 million (even with many incentives to count dying “with” Sars-COV-2 as “from” it).

    This Sturgis media blitz is the same hysterical BS that the media jumped on after the Florida Spring Break gatherings. And the Spring Break resulted in… nearly nada spread IN DEATHS.

    DEATHS are the only real measure when the tests are as imprecise and poorly suited to the purpose at hand (the inventor of the PCR test EXPLICITLY said it was not suitable for the purposes it is now being used for).

    As a closely defined case, only 17% of the Diamond Princess tourists/crew were tested positive, 14 deaths. But I can tell you even back then the tests were dodgy. A motorcyclist long-time acquaintance of mine and his wife (both in their late-60’s) were on the Diamond Princess and the tests were at best inconsistent. In the end, never had symptoms at all, 6 weeks isolation there, plus another 2 weeks when they landed home. But that was at the beginning when the scary projections could not be shown as wildly WRONG.

    We now know the risk to anyone not in a nursing home or with significant comorbidities is vanishingly small… in the 0.XX% range at most.

    Conveniently, in 2009 the WHO revised it’s pandemic guidelines and there is now no numerical standard, just a lot of wishy-washy technical BS to justify H1N1 (Swine flu) and Sars-1 being labeled pandemics even though the death counts for each were also in the 0.XX% range. So we now see the shift in media hysteria from deaths to Cov19 CASES (is that actual hospitalized cases. or mere positive PCR tests?)

    It is now obvious that Sars-2-Cov is a damp squib, preventable/treatable (by non-patented means such as HCL/zinc, plasma, colloidal silver) and not nearly as generally deadly or harmful as predicted. YES, some people will get till sick and die from this, but is that a reason for us all to mask-up and live in eternal fear? Not in my book.

    They will literally have to tie me down to get any of the vaccines/tracker-tech into my body. If you think Big Pharma or Bill Gates cares about you and yours, see their Gardasil/HPV case before the courts.
    Turns out Merck did a LOT of shady things with this vaccine, switching in an UNTESTED AAHS adjuvant after approvals for a safer phosphate-version adjuvant were given. Why is AAHS a problem?

    So time to step back from the mask/vaccine hysteria and look at the actual numbers, not just questionable PCR tests and “cases”. All this hysteria is to give Big Pharma time to roll out a “vaccine” because if we actually develop “herd immunity” before the “vaccine” is ready, Big Pharma is in serious trouble. Their cash-cows of antibiotics (resistance now develops within 2-3 years), mood-drugs (SSRIs in particular, no new ones being developed) and seasonal flu vaccines (seldom correctly predicted, MAX 50% protection) are failing. They need a new, preferably gov’t-mandated vaccine to profit on.

    Sturgis was a declaration that most motorcyclists are not buying the hysteria, despite the few loud voices seen on bike blogs/forums chastising voices like mine. An old saying, “which makes more noise, a can with a few rocks in it or a can packed with rocks? The few obviously, but the quiet packed carries more weight.”

    Locally, few riders wear masks or stand far away from each other when stopped for a break. We are not afraid. I am in the over-65 bracket, live in a major population centre and other than the Diamond Princess folks, don’t personally know anyone who has tested positive or died from Cov19.

    Move on, live without fear. Yes be prudent, but this is not a true pandemic. Far from it.

    1. lol let’s hope Covid doesn’t change your mind. Be well.

      EDIT: After reading your post again, I’ve decided to leave it up despite the numerous factual errors littered throughout. Further misinformation will be shut down.

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