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SlimBuds bike earphones add comfort

SlimBuds earphones

New SlimBuds Bluetooth motorcycle earphones are claimed to be the most comfortable and secure with an app that dampens wind noise, but highlights important sounds for safety.

Mechanical engineer Alperen Topay came up with the idea of slim-fitting earphones while on his daily motorcycle commute to work as an R&D engineer at one of Europe’s largest TV and home appliance manufacturers.

So he started the company EAOS in Philadelphia two years ago with other motorcycle riders to develop the product.

They launched a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, aiming to raise just $30,000 to start production.

EAOS financial manager and fellow rider Cihan Bilgin said they were confident of raising the required capital and he was right. It took less than 24 hours! So they are now guaranteed to go into production.

“We believe this product will change the audio game for riders,” Cihan says.

“We use a different approach than traditional active noise-cancellation technology. Our earbuds feature passive noise isolation thus reducing wind noise and excessive engine noise making the ride more comfortable and less tiring.

“This allows for an uninterrupted listening experience.

“We complement this experience by providing smart software (called “EAOS co-pilot”) that filters the environment, and plays back important sounds directly into the earbuds.”Slimbuds arephone app

SlimBuds test

Cihan has offered Motorbike Writer a set of the earphones for beta testing, so we will report back soon on how they work.

We have used several different earphones with both active and passive noise cancelling and found all of them, including personally moulded units, become quite uncomfortable after several hours.

It appears these are made of a very light and soft material, yet they claim they will not become dislodged inside your helmet like many over-the-counter earphones.

They come with three different sizes of ear bud tips for a comfortable and firm fit.

Sound quality is claimed to be very good with one of the smallest and powerful sound drivers available, delivering deep bass and clear treble.

SlimBuds earphones
SlimBuds Bluetooth earphones

SlimBuds will sell for $US150 (about $A200) when they hit the market, but there will be a “serious discount” for the crowdfunding campaign, says Cihan.

SlimBuds work with iPhone and Android and you will have to use your phone in a cradle on the handlebars to access controls such as skip, answer calls, etc.

However, you can buy a wireless remote which can be conveniently placed on the handlebars costing $US89 (about $A118).

“But again we will be offering serious discount for that as well for the crowdfunding campaign,” Cihan says. 

Slimbuds handlebar remote
Slimbuds handlebar remote
  1. “passive noise isolation” so it’s an ear-bud that blocks a little noise, like literally every other earbud.
    These look incredibly annoying and easy to dislodge, however I can’t judge for sure because they’re just an IDEA which hasn’t even started Kickstarter. This is not news, it’s a dreamer! Why even bother telling us when there’s not even a prototype and manufacture date?

  2. There are already very similar bluetooth earbuds on the market for half the price
    the remote and the app are about the only difference

  3. how are the ear buds for noise elimination without playing music? Can you add other rider via various intercom options such as seen…..?

  4. Mine came in broken and I have tried to reach out to them multiple times and through different ways (social media, email and even sent a letter). I still haven’t been contacted.
    The plastics that house the controls split apart the first time I rode. Before I even put the headphone on I saw that the plastics were split in the ear peice. Looking at it I couldn’t tell if they were supposed to be split. Putting them on I could tell that they weren’t. The plastic dug into my ear (only on one side the left) when I put he buds in.
    I wouldn’t waste any money on these things, and I am sure there are much better products out on the market, with actual customer support/service.

  5. When are these finally going to ship? Last update was in August with a supposed December ship. No updates since. Starting to wonder if this is ever going to happen.

      1. So that will be 7 months between updates and a ship date pushed out by at least another 3 months. This will be almost 12 months since I paid for these
        This is the first time I’ve been involved in anything like this and I reckon it will be the last.

  6. I have been trying to contact this company to see when they will be available and when they could ship overseas, but unfortunately after 5 tries, still no answer. Disappointing.

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