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Skull Obsessions

24 Motorcycle Skull Accessories your motorcycle is dying to have!

Overview: and then a breakdown of each. Click on each image for more information and purchasing.

  1. Skull Headlights
  2. Skull Blinkers
  3. Skull Air Cleaner Covers
  4. Skull Exhaust Tips
  5. Skull Floorboards
  6. Skull Mirrors
  7. Bonus – Skull Helmets (duh)

Skull Headlights

Skull Enterprises SK-1337 Skull Motorcycle Headlight

Skull Motorcycle Headlight 1With this awesome Skull Enterprises SK-1337 Skull Motorcycle Headlight, you can add some personality and fire to your Harley Davidson bike. The striking skull mount is made out of polished aluminium, so it is both attractive and sturdy.

It comes with adjustable halogen bulbs, which can be easily replaced when needed. Plus, the strong mounting post makes for a simple installation. At just $489, this silver skull headlight is a great way to spice up your Harley and make sure that heads turn whenever you roll in or out of town.

It’s time to make your bike something to remember, so grab yourself one of these motorcycle headlights.


Skull Enterprises SKP-1337 Skull Motorcycle Headlight.

Skull Motorcycle Headlight 2If your Harley Davidson is looking a little tired, it could be time to give it a well-deserved makeover. You can add style and cool in minutes with this quirky Skull Enterprises SKP-1337 Skull Motorcycle Headlight. The face of the skull mount is cast in high quality polished aluminium, coated with a black matte powder. It is sleek and attractive, but its immaculate finish hides an awesome secret.

Once you get this skull headlight installed, using the strong mounting post for precision positioning, the eyes and the mouth light up. They contain replaceable halogen bulbs which can be adjusted for a flawless look. You can get your hands on this super cool Harley headlight for just $538.


Headwinds 1-SkullCA Chrome Skull Headlight

Skull Motorcycle Headlight 3

When you are riding your Harley, you want people to stop and look as you pass by. These fine motorcycle machines should be the centre of attention. The good news is that you can make this happen with a cool Headwinds 1-SkullCA Chrome Skull Headlight. At just $599.99, this Harley Davidson headlight is the perfect blend of style, individuality, and affordability.

The eyes and mouth light up when the motorcycle is in operation, due to the use of replaceable and adjustable halogen bulbs. It is easy to install, because the sturdy mounting post fits neatly onto the front of any Harley model. The chrome finish is attractive and modern, without being too flashy or ostentatious.


Unpolished Aluminium Skull Headlight

Skull Motorcycle Headlight 4

If you are looking for cool skull motorcycle parts for your Harley bike, check out this quirky Unpolished Aluminium Skull Headlight. The rough and ready finish is perfect for motorcycle fans who want to add style to their bikes, but don’t want to get too flashy. The light up eyes and mouth are great for when you’re carousing down highways in the dark, because they illuminate the night and your status as a badass biker.

For just $350.000, you can make sure that your Harley is the hippest in town. All bulbs are adjustable and replaceable, so you can keep using your aluminium skull headlight for as long as you want.

Skull Blinkers

Candace Universal Skull Motorcycle LED Signal Lights

Skull Motorcycle Blinkers 1These striking Candace Skull Motorcycle LED Signal Lights are the perfect way to keep yourself safe on the road. They provide an excellent level of visibility, because the LED bulbs are bright, clear, and focused. They are also low on consumption, so you don’t have to choose between safety and efficiency. The crossbones design is stylish and cool, with a black chrome shell. The amber LED lights contrast perfectly with this surface and create a feature that is bold and unmissable. These Candace LED Skull lights are compatible with most motorcycles, street bikes, scooters, cruisers, choppers, and off road bikes. And, at just $14.99 for a pack of two, they are a bargain as well.

2 Pack of Skull Lens Chrome Motorcycle Turn Lights

Skull Motorcycle Blinkers 2

For that unmissable custom look, try pairing these striking Skull Lens Chrome Motorcycle Turn Lights with your bike. These quirky skull mounts offer a high quality aesthetic. They are made out of polished chrome and enhanced with immaculate amber glass lens. The ‘smoked’ skull design is unique and different, without being over the top. It is the ideal accessory for a motorcycle and a rider who love being out on the road. The soft, but penetrating, yellow lights increase visibility, so you will be safer while riding too. They are compatible with most motorcycle models and brands, as well as ATV bikes and scooters. Inject a little style and personality into your motorcycle, with a pack of two skull turn lights for $21.58.

2 Pack of Amber Skull Style LED Signal Lights

Skull Motorcycle Blinkers 3

As far as skull motorcycle parts go, these popular Amber Skull Style LED Signal Lights are up there with the best. For just $8.19, you can grab yourself a pair and give your motorcycle something to smile about. With a width of 4.5cm and a length of 7cm, they are compact and compatible with almost all bike brands and models. This includes touring, custom, cruiser, and chopper motorcycles. The cool black skull casing is made out of high quality aluminium, so it has a polished and refined look. The LED lights are sturdy, hard wearing, and can be replaced once the bulbs run out. They shine in a bright, bold amber tone, so that your bike is easily noticed out on the road.

Pair of Motorcycle Skull Ghost Amber LED Signal Lights (Silver)

Skull Motorcycle Blinkers 4Every motorcycle owner wants their bike to look great out on the road. Fortunately, this is easy to do with high quality skull motorcycle parts like these Skull Ghost Amber LED Signal Lights. At just $9.79 for a pair, they are guaranteed to make your bike sparkle and keep you safe while riding. They are compatible with most bike models and brands and the 8mm mounting bolts make installation surprisingly easy. With penetrating amber bulbs, these signal lights are the perfect compromise between style and security. They look great, they make a statement, but they are also extremely practical. The ABS plastic casing is water resistant and weatherproof, so even the rain won’t stop you from looking cool.

Skull Air Cleaner Covers

HK Moto Motorcycle Chrome Skull Black Eyes Air Cleaner

Skull Motorcycle Air Cleaner cover 1

This high quality HK Motorcycle Chrome Skull Air Cleaner is ideal for riders who want to get the very best out of their bikes. It has been precision engineered to provide high volumes of air while out on the road. The easy to maintain pleated component offers a valuable balance between protection and productivity. The air cleaner protects the engine, while also adding a visual statement.

The skull design injects a little personality and life into what is otherwise a very practical item, this air cleaner is a really useful product. Plus, the filter is recyclable, so you can just take it out, wash it, and use it again. For the low price of $129.99, this is a motorcycle accessory that you need in your life.

XKMT Group Black Skull Air Cleaner Filter System

Skull Motorcycle Air Cleaner cover 2

For the perfect balance between style and power, try this XKMT Black Skull Air Cleaner. At just $47.99, it is not just affordable, it is practical too. Add it to your beloved Harley and you will instantly eradicate the biggest obstacle faced by Sportster engines. For real HP that makes a real difference to your ride, put your faith in this innovative product. The four inch filter is easy to use, simple to maintain, and fully recyclable.

This means that once it gets dirty, all you have to do is carefully remove it, clean it, and oil it. Then, you can place it right back in the stylish aluminium skull casing.

Kuryakyn 9941 Skull Air Cleaner Kit

Skull Motorcycle Air Cleaner cover 3

There is nothing quite like this awesome Kuryakyn Skull Air Cleaner Kit. It is sleek, stylish, and guaranteed to boost your badass appeal while out on the road. If you are keen to turn heads and make a statement with your motorcycle, Kuryakyn skull motorcycle parts are the right choice for you. This kit enhances the performance of engines in excess of 130 horsepower. It is compatible with almost all Harley Davison models, but it is important to check whether or not your bike will need a modification first.

The bargain price of $205.98 is pretty small when you think about how much better your motorcycle will run after installing this cleaner product.

Kuryakyn 9939 Black Skull Air Cleaner Cover

Skull Motorcycle Air Cleaner cover 4For a downright dastardly look on your favourite bike, pick up this Kuryakyn 9939 Black Skull Air Cleaner Cover. It is designed to be a badass replacement for teardrop covers on S&S E and G carburettors. With a dark skull design and a sleek plastic shell, it is living proof that practical motorcycle accessories don’t have to be boring.

The rigid composite casing is extremely tough and durable, but also easy to keep clean. This means that you won’t have to waste time endlessly polishing and removing grime, when you could be out setting the highways and byways on fire. This Kuryakyn Air Cleaner Cover is just $98.99, so it won’t break the bank either.

Skull Exhaust Tips

Unpolished Skull Exhaust Tip – Original

Skull Motorcycle Exhaust Tip 1

This authentic Unpolished Skull Exhaust Tip is the real deal. It is sturdy, robust, and made out of the finest quality materials. With a 356 cast aluminium shell, it is both stylish and impeccably well made. It slips right over an exhaust pipe, without the need for adapters, and enhances the overall aesthetic of the bike.

For a motorcycle that you can be proud of, grab yourself one of these 3’’ belching skull tips. You don’t have to worry about any limitations on air flow either, because the tip allows air to move freely and does not impact performance. For just $87.95, this badass Skull Exhaust Tip could be yours.

Black Matte Powder Coated Exhaust Tip

Skull Motorcycle Exhaust Tip 2

For a motorcycle which looks as fierce as it feels, pick up one of these ultra-cool Black Matte Exhaust Tips. The black powder coating is sleek and sophisticated, without being ostentatious. If you like your skull motorcycle parts to be on the subtle side, this is the right choice for you. The black aluminium casing is muted, without being dull, and enhances the exhaust end of most motorcycle brands and models.

The $124.99 exhaust tip fits easily over the tailpipe and does not need to be connected with any special adapters. You can pick it up, put it on, and head straight out onto the road.

Moto Trix SEP-3002-3 Polished Skull Exhaust Tip

Skull Motorcycle Exhaust Tip 3

For a super cool motorcycle accessory that doesn’t break the bank, try this $120.00 Moto Trix Polished Skull Exhaust Tip. It fits easily on all kinds of motorcycles, cars, and trucks, but it looks especially great on the back of a shiny Harley Davidson. The polished aluminium skull casing has been expertly tumbled and finished to give it a replica chrome aesthetic. It is compatible with most standard sized exhausts, but truck drivers may need to use an adaptor system if installing on larger pipes.

The total weight of this stylish exhaust tip is 2.5 pounds. It has no negative impact on air flow or exhaust performance.

Moto Trix – SEO-3001-3 Original Skull Exhaust Tip

Skull Motorcycle Exhaust Tip 4

For just $150.00, you can pick up a motorcycle accessory that is guaranteed to add spice and personality to your bike. This visually striking Moto Trix – SEO-3001-3 Exhaust Tip is easy to install, simple to maintain, and looks great. The quirky ‘belching’ skull design offers something a little different and unique. Why should your bike look the same as every other out on the road, especially when there are skull motorcycle parts like this on offer?

The sturdy skull casing is made out of 356 cast aluminium, so it is strong and durable. Plus, it fits right over standard three inch exhaust pipes (on motorcycles and cars), without limiting air flow or reducing performance in any way. The total weight of this skull exhaust tip is 2.5 pounds.

Skull Floorboards

HTT Motorcycle Chrome Skull Footboard Inserts

Skull Motorcycle Floorboards 1

Inject a little bit of fire and attitude into your beloved motorcycle with these nifty HTT Chrome Skull Footboard Inserts. The design is perfect for riders who don’t mind making a statement with their bikes. It is dark, edgy, and endlessly cool. For a motorcycle which looks every bit as powerful as it feels, try these skull footboards. They are made out of the finest quality materials, so you don’t have to worry about premature damage or wear. The black rubber pads have a chrome inlay.

This keeps the feet sturdy and secure, while also casting a pretty badass shadow on the road. For the bargain price of $85.99, you get a pair of footboards that will wow both motorcycle fans and admirers alike.

Motorcycle Skull Style Front Foot Covers

Skull Motorcycle Floorboards 2

Don’t settle for mediocre accessories when it comes to your bike. A great motorcycle deserves the best, so kit it out with these attractive Skull Style Front Foot Covers. With sculpted rubber pads and robust chrome inlays, they offer a perfect balance between practicality and aesthetic. They are compatible with most Harley Davidson models, but do make sure to check this before you buy.

As these Skull Foot Covers are an after market custom accessory, modifications may be needed to prepare for their installation. For $127.90, you can get a pair of high quality foot boards. This product has dimensions of 37×12.5cm.

HTT Motorcycle Chrome Skull Zombie Footboard Inserts

Skull Motorcycle Floorboards 3Give your motorcycle the raw attitude that it needs with these awesome HTT Motorcycle Chrome Skull Footboard Inserts.

They are easy to fit, simple to maintain, and will make your bike look as fierce as you feel while riding it.


Skull Mirrors

Skull Helmets

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