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Sign petition for motorcycle lane filtering

Lane Splitting

Let’s call on our state ministers and the national transport minister to end the confusion created by differing road rules across state borders. Sign our lane-filtering petition and get the attention of the law makers.


Australian motorcycle riders face further confusion after the NSW government last week introduce lane-filtering laws for riders. While we applaud this progressive move which will help all motorists by easing traffic congestion, it is another point of variance in state road rules.

Currently, a rider can be on a perfectly legal motorcycle in one state, wearing a helmet that is legal in their home state, but when they cross a border they risk being fined for offences of which they were not aware. While ignorance of the law is no excuse, there is an onus on the law makers to provide consistency. Instead, we have arcane laws in some states that police prey on to target unsuspecting motorists.

We have been a nation since Federation, yet states continue to jealousy guard their rights to make road rules. Why? The National Transport Commission is reviewing all road rules, but there is still no compunction on states to fall into line.

I’m under no illusion that this petition will change the minds of politicians. However, it is a starting point for a conversation with our politicians about the unnecessary confusion their rules are creating on our roads. The NSW lane-filtering law is a progressive step and we ask that other state transport ministers follow their lead. However, we also ask that they take it further and consider other rule variances.

And tell your friends who don’t ride to sign the petition, arguing that it is to their benefit as it will free up traffic congestion. It’s not about a win for motorcycle riders. It’s a win for all motorists.


  1. There is no compulsory requirement by the States to follow the NTC model rules. But where does variation make common sense and does not common sense add another variation? For example the ARR does not permit turning across “double lines” even into private property. Qld and some other jurisdictions have adopted this recommendation into their own road rules. This is why you see the break in the “double lines” at different entrances. But NSW has amended this “road rule” to permit such a manoeuvre and hence no break or gap but perfectly legal.

    The lobby groups have failed the road users in general by permitting such anomalies in the pursuit of their own self interests or egos. Their copout is that they are volunteers. In reality they are self appointed representatives with little or no expertise. Show ponies under the flag of experts. “X”, an unknown quantity, and “spurt”, a drip under pressure. This is not sniping from the side line for some people have tried to help these self appointed twats in a very diplomatic manner only to experience their nefarious natures.

    So please go ahead and sign the petition and bring the whole process into the “Pandora’s Box” that will result. Please everybody go and sign the petition, “make my day”.

    1. You seem like a very bitter and twisted person.
      What exactly do you find so offensive in having a common set of road rules across the country?
      Please fill us in on why you personally have so much angst for the lobby groups.
      Something happen to you? Fill us in.

  2. I think people should think twice before signing the petition. The ‘make all road rules consistent across state borders’ statement is dangerous. If it was in place then we would not be in a position where NSW could bring in the lane filtering legislation. Our country is based on competitive federalism, which allows the states to compete and experiment. If all road rules were governed at a federal level then NSW would not have been able to introduce the lane filtering law. If we extrapolate this further let us presume that the laws were made consistent then it wouldn’t allow, Victoria for example, to introduce improved filtering laws, for example allowing riders to filter past trucks.

    We should lobby the other states to permit lane filtering and improve on the NSW legislation.

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