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Shark modular helmet now lighter

Shark Evoline Pro Carbon Helmet modular
Shark Evoline Pro Carbon

The Shark Evoline 3 is one of the best modular helmets on the market with its flip-up face that folds all the way back. Now it’s even better.

The Evoline Pro Carbon Helmet is constructed from carbonfibre and multi-axial glass fibres, making it super lightweight.

Compared with the standard model weighing 1715g, it is 105g lighter and costs $799.95 which is $300 more than the listed price (although many are currently available on sale for about $429).

The best feature of the Evoline is the flip-up chin bar which folds all the way back, turning it into an open-face helmet and allows you to ride along at speed without any aero affect pulling at your neck muscles.

Shark Evoline Pro Carbon Helmet

But it was always a bit heavy, as are most modular helmets, because of the complex hinging system. Now with carbon fibre construction, it should be much more comfortable.

The helmet also features an anti-scratch and anti-fog visor and an integrated UV380 sun visor so it is ideal for riding in all weather and light conditions all year round.

The Pro Carbon has natural bamboo fibre interior and a unique “Auto-UP” system that unlocks both chin and visor.

It is also compatible with the Shark Sharktooth Bluetooth intercom system which costs $289.95 and fits many of their helmets (Race-R PRO, Race-R, Vision-R, Speed-R, EvoLine Series 3 and RSJ ST). It integrates into the newer Shark helmets through cut-aways in the helmets EPS, while the unit that fits to the outside of the helmet has a very low profile (one of the biggest advantages of this product).

The Shark Evoline Pro Carbon Helmet comes in sizes 54 to 62 to fit most riders.


  1. I have three SHARK evoline modular helmets – which is testament to how much I like the concept. I also have a HJC IS-Multi and a Nolan N43 Air, also both modular helmets. However the convenience of the being able to move the china bar fore and aft without having to remove said chin-bar such as is the case with both aforementioned HJC and Nolan helmets – is the primary reason I own three of the Evolines. Two are the Evoline series 2 (one bought & kept in NZ, and the another bought in the USA & kept in China), with the third, a series 3 (also in China).

    There is little aesthetic and functional difference between the series 2 and 3 IMO. The main functional difference is that if one forgets to raise the visor when lifting the chin-bar on the series 3, then there are a couple of small tabs built into the top of the chin-bar which assist in raising the visor slightly, thus allowing the chin-bar to lift unobstructed be the visor.
    The downside to the SHARK Evoline though is the weight, which is approx. 500g+ heavier than my other helmets including the HJC and Nolan.


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