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SHAD SH36 Side Case Review

SHAD SH36 Side Cases for the Yamaha FZ09, Honda NC700, Honda CTX700 and the 2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS

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SHAD SH36 Side Cases Review Summary
Review Summary

The new SHAD SH36 side cases (aka panniers, bags) are very easy to install.

They also have a more modern, angular look than the stock Suzuki bags.

The price difference from OEM luggage is also dramatic.

For example, the Suzuki bag kit (including mounts) costs $1,624.85.

The SHAD kit, including bags and the mounts, costs $662.00, a whopping $962.85 less!

That’s a lot of dosh!

The SH36 side cases have replaceable accent color side panels along the top, with carbon fiber (faux), black, white, titanium and silver.

The panels can also be painted by the owner to color-match the bike or for a high-visibility accent.

The SH36 panniers have a 36 liter capacity and can fit a full-face helmet (although without much room to spare).

They’re the same size on both sides of the bike, unlike the Suzuki panniers, which have a smaller right side.

Bottom line? These are nicely made, good-looking side cases with a very easy-to-use “3P” (3 Point) mount that is very easy to install.

The SHAD SH36 side cases have just been announced and we received one of the first sets to arrive in the U.S.A., direct from SHAD in Spain.

The SH36 bags are designed to fit the new Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS, the Yamaha FZ09, the Honda NC700 and the Honda CTX700.

I’d like to thank JT Motorsports in Frederick, Maryland, who had a nice red V-Strom 1000 standard in stock and who volunteered a technician to install the bags while I took photos.

JT Motorsports is where I bought my 2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS Adventure (Blog); they’re also dirt bike experts and one of the largest KTM dealers in the area and they have some of the new KTM 1190 Adventures (and V-Stroms) in stock.

So if you’re in the area (or even if you’re not), be sure to check them out. The red V-Strom shown here was still in the showroom last time I looked!

SHAD SH36 Details

The SH36 uses the SHAD “3P” mounting bracket system and on the Suzuki, the mounting brackets are both simple and very easy to install.

You can literally bolt the mounts on the bike, snap on the bags and be ready to go in maybe 20 minutes.

Anyone who remembers the “good ol’ days” of motorcycling will be thrilled to see how easy it now is to install the mounts.

Back in those old days, the manufacturers never designed for bag mounts so you usually had to modify the bike or cob something together to get panniers to fit. Now, it’s a plug-and-play, no-brainer project.

The SHAD bags have a more modern, angular look that compliments the looks of the V-Strom and the Honda and Yamaha.

They look sleeker than the bags available as an option from Suzuki, yet the SHAD bags have a larger capacity of 36 liters, compared to the Suzuki bags with a 26 liter right and 29 liter left side capacity.

They also feel lighter (because they are lighter); a SHAD bag weighs 3.5 kg (7.6 lbs.), while a Suzuki bag weighs 4.1 kg (9.25 lbs.).

The SH36 is about 33 cm (13″ tall), 38 cm (15″) wide and 49.5 cm (19.5″) long. The rated capacity is 10 kg (22 lb.) each.

The Suzuki bags have different capacities, due to their shape and the way the right bag fits over the exhaust.

The SHAD  bags are the same size and there’s more “air room” under and around the SHAD bags, although I’m not sure how much difference this really makes in the end.

Both bags also have an elastic “X” strap inside to help hold the packed gear.

Also, SHAD cases can be opened once the lock is opened; in other words, if the lock is unlocked, the key can be removed and you don’t need the key every time to open the case.

Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS With SHAD SH36 Bags Front View
Standard 2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS with the SHAD SH36 side cases mounted.

Cost Differences

The list price of the SHAD SH36 side cases is $469.00.

The SHAD SH36 mounting kit costs $193.00 for the V-Strom, the Honda NC700X/S or the Honda Integra 700/750; $194.00 for the Honda CTX700 and $203.00 for the Yamaha FZ09.

The Suzuki bags cost a whopping $1,449.95 and you need the Upper Side Case Brackets (part 990D0-31J00-065) for $112.95 and the Lower Side Case Brackets (part 990D0-31J00-066) for $61.95.

That’s a total of $1,624.85 for the Suzuki bag setup (including the mounts) and $662.00 for the SHAD SH36 side cases with mounts.

I had to look at these prices about 4 times to make sure, because the difference is so dramatic.

Also, SHAD is currently running a limited-time offer of a free set of textile bag liners worth $89.00 when you buy a set of the SH36 cases.

Bottom line, you can save $962.85 buying the SHAD side cases instead of the Suzuki side cases. That’s real money in anyone’s book!

Add a Top Box?

By the way, SHAD also has a top box system for the V-Strom (and other bikes, of course).

The SHAD top mount for the V-Strom top box is required and any of the SHAD cases will work. Probably the SH39 or the SH48 will look best, especially with the SH36 cases mounted. But any of the SHAD top boxes from the SH26 up to the SH50 can be fitted.

We did a review of the SHAD SH37 and SH48 top cases, which includes information on the mount and other details.

Mounting the SHAD SH36 Side Cases

The mounting procedure is so easy, there isn’t much to say.

Bolt a mount on each side to the two threaded holes on top and on the bottom to the holes in the passenger foot pegs. Attach the plastic stop on the back of the mount and that’s it.

Let’s take a look in photos:

SHAD SH36 Side Case Kit
Front and rear view of the SHAD SH36 side cases. Note the black color panel on the bag on the left.
SHAD SH36 Side Case Mounting Hardware
Here’s the mounting kit. The SH36 bags come with 3 keys and a spare lock set. The hardware kit is on the right.
Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS Standard
Here’s the standard Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS with the seat removed, ready for the project.
SHAD Mounting Bracket for Suzuki V-Strom
Here’s the new “3P” mounting bracket for the new V-Strom. It’s powder-coated and bolts directly to the bike.
Installing the Mounting Bracket
Fitting the bracket; note the plastic stop already bolted in place on the rear.
Mounting Bracket Installed
Here’s the bracket bolted on the bike. The yellow arrow indicates the plastic stop; the blue arrows show the bolts.
SHAD SH36 Side Case Fitted on Bracket
Mounted bag from the front. Note the two bolts in the lower part of the bracket, on the rear foot peg.
Bottom Part of Mounting Bracket
Here’s a close-up of the bolts in the rear foot peg assembly. Suzuki uses these also for their bags.
Full-Face Helmet in SHAD SH36 Bag
The SHAD SH36 bags fit a full-face helmet.
SHAD SH36 Side Case Color Inserts
Top view of the SH36 with the black color panel in place. Silver panels in front. The panels use 4 self-threading screws.
SHAD SH36 Side Cases Front Rear Views
Front (L) and rear view of the SH36. Note the reflector on the bag on the left.
SHAD SH36 Side Cases Mounted on Suzuki V-Strom
Here are the two SH36 bags mounted. Sorry about the greasy fingerprints!

SHAD SH36 Side Cases Rear View

Suzuki V-Strom With SHAD SH36 Bags Rear View
The SHAD SH36 bags have a nice angular look that fits the style of the V-Strom, Honda and Yamaha.


You can save quite a chunk o’ change by buying the SHAD SH36 side cases rather than the Suzuki factory items. And the SHAD bags look better, too.

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wBW Review: SHAD SH36 Side Cases
Manufacturer: SHAD (Spain)
U.S. Distributor: SHAD USA
List Price: SH36 cases: $469.00. SH36 mounting kit: $193.00
Colors: Black with color trim panels. Made In: China
Review Date: July 2014

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From “S.J.” (July 2014): “Nice review! Three questions:

1) What is the overall width of the installed SHAD setup compared to installed OEM cases?

2) What accounts for the significant case weight difference between Shad and OEM cases?

If the SHAD bags are so much lighter, perhaps they are not as strong or durable.

3) Are there SHAD/OEM differences re moisture sealing designs — did you test water resistance?”

Rick’s Reply: UPDATE: The width of the bike with the SHAD SH36 cases installed is 107 cm. and the Adventure model with the stock Suzuki cases measures about 81 cm (~32″) across.

The Suzuki cases use a heavier and different type of plastic and mounting system and I think that accounts for the weight difference. Yes, the Suzuki cases are probably sturdier and that’s one of the things you get for the price difference.

I don’t know about the water resistance of the SHAD cases we put on the bike in the shop because it’s a brand-new bike that is for sale on the showroom floor.

But other SHAD cases we’ve reviewed over the years are fine, so I don’t anticipate any leakage problems.

SHAD owns its own factory and makes luggage for BMW and others, so they’re able to spread the development and overhead costs over a very large number of products, keeping prices low.

The Suzuki cases have been water resistant so far but I haven’t been out in a driving rainstorm for multiple hours (and don’t plan on it!). I don’t anticipate any issues with leading in those either.

From “T.T.” (July 2014): “Is there an option to open and close the cases without having to use a key? Most of the time with my present cases I don’t bother locking them. It’s an unnecessary hassle.”

Rick’s Reply: Yes, I added this info to the body of the review. SHAD cases open without a key once they’re unlocked.