Sena Launches the 50R and 50S Communication Devices

sena 50r and 50s

The Latest from Sena

Bluetooth headsets keep getting better and one of the top-dogs in the space is Sena. The company recently released its new Bluetooth 5 flagship devices, the 50R and the 50S. These new headsets feature Sena’s Mesh 2.0 Intercom technology. Sena has a limited-time Trade-Up program in North America that will allow you to trade in your old Sena unit so you can upgrade to the 50S or 50R at a reduced price. More details about that program will come later.

In terms of what you get with the Sena 50S and 50R, here are the highlights:

  • Redesigned HD Speakers with more power, clarity, and comfort
  • Bluetooth® 5.0 enabled
  • Voice-activated digital assistant access (‘Hey Google’/’Hey Siri’)
  • 30% faster Rapid Charging
  • Automatic firmware updates via the included WiFi Adapter 
  • Multi-language Voice Command support
  • 4-way Bluetooth Intercom

Getting the 50R and 50S isn’t the only way to experience the Mesh 2.0 technology. Sena also rolled out a firmware update for all Sena 30K, Momentum EVO, and +Mesh users. The update will come on May 1st and owners of these systems will not have to pay for the update. This is Sena’s way of looking after its loyal customers, and it’s something that I can really appreciate. Good on Sena for making that available.


  1. James
    April 21, 2020

    Compared to the cardo slim packtalk , jbl how do these compare? I love my music and that’s one reason I’ve been looking at cardo is the jbl speakers

  2. April 21, 2020

    James, we don’t know just how the 50 Series systems will stack up…we should have them soon and will get things tested in short order. Your question about how they will stack up against the PT Sound by JBL systems is a good one – Sena says the new HD speakers are a big step forward as well…we will answer these and other questions once the systems are received and put to use. Stay tuned. Bruce

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