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Deals We Love This Week: Select Bluetooth Headsets 30% Off!

Riding doesn’t have to be a solitary experience. A high-quality bluetooth headset lets you chat with your friends and listen to your favourite tunes while you’re cruising down the road, tearing up the track, or ripping through the dirt.

This week, Revzilla is offering 30% off on select bluetooth headsets. Explore the list below or click here.

30% Off Select Bluetooth Headsets

Cardo PackTalk BOLD JBL Headset – Duo Pack

Cardo PackTalk BOLD JBL Headset Duo Pack on white background

Regular Price: $599.95, Sale Price: $419.97 (30% Off)

This headset is the result of a partnership between Cardo and JBL—and it delivers exactly the kind of high-quality audio experience you’d expect. Enjoy balanced bass and crisp, clear treble from JBL speakers measuring 40mm across, while Cardo’s Natural Voice Operation platform makes controlling the system easy and removes potentially-dangerous distractions.

One of this device’s best features is the ability to “leap-frog” the connection between multiple users. This allows you to reach a rider in your group who is out of your system’s range by passing the signal through the riders between you. The pack is also waterproof, allowing it to function in a wide variety of challenging conditions.

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Cardo 45mm JBL Audio Speaker Set

Cardo 45mm JBL Audio Speaker Set white background
Regular Price: $89.95, Sale Price: $62.97 (30% Off)

Compatible with any Cardo system (plus any other headset with a 3.5mm jack), these 45mm speakers allow you to make the sound from your headset more dynamic and provide an extra immersive audio experience. They taper to a 42mm base, which allows them to fit in most helmets while still delivering huge, rich, and full sound.

Owners of Cardo Packtalk, Smartpack, SMARTH, and Freecom series headsets will also be able to upgrade their firmware to create a unique audio profile designed specifically for this set of speakers. Audiophiles, rejoice! Christmas just came early.

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Cardo Freecom 4+ Headset

Cardo Freecom 4+ Headset

Regular Price: $249.95, Sale Price: $174.97 (30% Off)

With an IP65 level of waterproofing and a slim jog dial for tactile menu navigation, this headset offers convenience and reliable performance in a wide range of riding conditions. On top of that, you get 40mm JBL speakers included for a high-quality audio experience—plus a built-in FM receiver so you can check out what’s on the radio once you make it to the end of your playlist.

The Freecom 4+ also offers full 4-way bike-to-bike conferencing at a range of up to 0.75 miles (1.2km). So when you zip around that next corner and leave your buddies in the dust, they’ll still be able to hear you telling them to catch up.

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Cardo PackTalk BLACK JBL Headset

Cardo PackTalk BLACK JBL Headset on white background
Regular Price: $389.95, Sale Price: $272.97 (30% Off)

With 45mm JBL speakers included as standard, this headset provides absolutely massive sound, seamlessly controlled by Cardo’s Natural Voice Operation technology. It also offers a DMC Intercom mode for multi-party connections over a virtual private network with as many as 15 riders, and can pass the signal between other PackTalk headsets to reach members at the opposite end of the group.

This headset is also compatible with Cardo’s Smartset app for Android and iOS devices, which lets you use your device as a remote control to access the system’s major features. Finally, the whole setup is waterproof, spray-proof, and dust-proof—meaning you’ll be able to carry on a conversation even while riding through a tempest (although in that case, you might want to focus on the road instead).

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