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Segura: Women’s Motorcycle Gear Goes Military Chic With Lady Kara Textile Jacket

A frontal view of the Segura Lady Kara Textile Jacket

A French motorcycle gear manufacturer is getting the job done when it comes to stylish gear concepts for women – and they’ve just released the newest edition to their showroom, the Lady Kara. 

We’ve had a few companies dedicated to stylized motorcycle gear for women – the most notable and top-of-the-list currently being Karleen Eberle’s meticulously hand-crafted Raven Rova gear series.

A view of Kathleen Eberle on her motorcycle, featuring the Raven Rova Phoenix jacket and pants.

Since chatting with her and having her share her unique story with me, I’ve been obsessed with finding motorcycle gear that looks good yet doesn’t cut on safety. 

It’s hard, dang it – and I have yet to get my hands on this one to try for myself, but the new Lady Kara textile jacket from Segura certainly looks the pretty part. 

According to RideApart, the Lady Kara jacket touts CE level 1 pad (complete with adjustable shoulder pads) and abrasion-resistant material resulting in a Class A safety rating. The jacket’s back pocket can also fit appropriately protective armor, though the report tells us that the back armor is sold separately. 

A frontal view of the Segura Lady Kara Textile Jacket

The report states that the outer shell “not only provides abrasion resistance but maintains a sheen finish. The interior membrane is waterproof and breathable, and a 90g thermo-aluminum lining keeps the rider in the saddle during the fall and winter months.” 

A view of the interior of the Segura Lady Kara Textile Jacket

As for the more fashionable perks of this textile unit, a Serica fabric (a silk blend) is quilted into the interior lining, with added comfort provided in the form of zippered cuffs and tightening buckles at the hips. A fixed mesh liner is also present, with ventilation zippers to help circulate air throughout the jacket.

On to the visuals. 

Segura Lady Kara Textile Jacket

With “vintage design, modern materials, and timeless silhouettes” being the main focus of Segura’s series, we’re given a mock-officer’s jacket modeled to sport faux buttonholes at the chest, epaulets at the shoulders, and buttoned sleeve straps at the wrist. 

And let’s not forget the pockets – two external ones for the bits and bobs needed at hand and two interior pouches for additional odds and ends. 

A view of the adjustable belts at the hip of the Segura Lady Kara Textile Jacket

The Lady Kara Textile jacket comes in a classic black and is expected to retail for a neat €269.99 (≈ $315 USD), with sizing available from T0-T6. 

With the website telling us that their brand is popular worldwide, we think shipping to the Western Hemisphere might be a couple of pennies extra, but possible. 

Let us know if you’re thinking of handing over some bills for this unit, and as always, stay safe on the twisties.