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Scottoiler FS-365 Corrosion Protector

Scottoiler FS-365 Corrosion Protection Spray

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Review Summary

I can only echo what so many others have already said about the Scottoiler FS365 corrosion protector — it is a great product.

I should have tried it a long time ago.

Get some, use it year-round, appreciate it. It will serve you and your two-wheelers well.

I have to mea culpa on this one.

A bright yellow one litre spray dispenser of the Scottoiler FS365 Corrosion Protector was sent along with the Scottoiler SMK7-BMW Kit that got installed on my ’09 BMW F800GS (review) in November 2008.

While the kit got used in short order, the FS365 was however put on the shelf for a month or so.

So trying the product became one of my New Year resolutions.

Accordingly, the container was taken off the shelf and I broke the seal.

I then carefully sprayed it on some of the front end components (less the brakes and rotors) and back wheel areas on the F800GS pair for preservation purposes.

As well, before heading down south last March, I put a fresh coat on my F800 to see how it would work in keeping bits ‘n’ pieces better protected when exposed to the usual mix of wet roads, salt and rain typically encountered as we head south.

I have not yet secured an enclosed trailer, so the motorcycles, up to three, are hauled around on our first-class Worthington WOM-D double aluminum trailer.

The V-nose rock guards help greatly, but when the weather turns nasty, as it did last March (remember the upper New York winter storms?) the machines get dirty. Accordingly, anything that can help is good.

Since then I have continued to use the Scottoiler FS365 on virtually all exposed parts of all the motorcycles in the fleet, whether in storage mode or like the F800s, at the ready in the garage. If warm days arrive, exercise runs can be conducted.

Clean Forks with the Scottoiler FS365 Anti-Corrosion Spray
Clean Forks with the Scottoiler FS365 Anti-Corrosion Spray.

The What

Simply put, Scottoiler FS365 is a corrosion inhibitor. Being water-based, the fine misting spray carries the protectant into virtually every nook and cranny that you aim for.

When the H20 evaporates, it leaves behind a very thin mineral oil layer that covers or encapsulates the components.

Special additives include surfactants that help it flow, corrosion inhibitors, anti-foaming agents and anti-bacterial agents.

Scottoiler claims that the spray can be used on all materials, partly due to the fact that it is largely water-based, so it is user friendly and environmentally friendly to boot.

The product can be sprayed on plastics (lenses and windscreens are notable exemptions though), metal components including engine parts, hoses, carbon fibre and anodized surfaces.

Clear warnings about avoiding spraying FS365 on brake discs are provided.

But if this does happen, most of the spray can be wiped off immediately and any residue should burn off quickly with use. Like fresh tires, don’t forget to consider this issue prior to setting off for a ride though.

And speaking of tires, getting FS365 on tires is not a big issue either; simply wash/rinse them off, which will get rid of the spray.

The How

Scottoiler says that the product should be applied after washing the motorcycle or after returning from a wet run — such as the winter rides we take, when safe to do so.

Even though the machines always get a full wash or quick cold water spray afterwards, spraying the bikes with FS365 is just the ticket to neutralize the salt dust and spray remaining in the nooks and crannies.

As I trust Scottoiler products, the recommendations provided in how to apply and re-apply the FS365 make good sense. So far, the results have been really worthwhile.

As I have found out over the years in using other lubricants and cleaners, they can really make a difference when it comes to cleaning as well as protecting.

To this end, the FS365 does a great job in forming a protective layer.

And in some cases, the FS365 can become insoluble (not easily dissolved) requiring some agitation or energetic brushing to remove the build-up.

In reality, this formation is actually protecting the surfaces; the crud sticks to the FS365 rather than component surfaces.

I was a bit skeptical about using the spray on plastic, especially the very hard moldings on the F800s, which seem to survive almost anything unaided anyway.

However, a test application on a small hidden area didn’t reveal any negative effects, so I use it as a coating on almost any surface now without worry.

How confident am I?  Even the HP2 Sport gets TLC with this product as well.

Like WD-40 or similar products, FS365 can be polished to a smooth sheen.

But I still wouldn’t use it on screens or lenses — it can be a bit greasy to the touch depending on the surface and it could impact clarity, points clearly identified by Scottoiler on the product label and in most published material as well.

Scottoiler FS365 Anti-Corrosion Spray

The Results

Even with some cautious application initially, the difference the FS365 made was very evident.

Washing the road grime off the machines in warmer climates revealed very little salt residue and no corrosion on any of the parts sprayed. This I can handle.

So, needless to say, applying a light coating of the product on the machines has become part of the winter and trailering routine. So much so, that I need to buy more.


Using FS365 has turned me into a believer. It has lots of pros and I haven’t found any cons yet, other than the diminishing level in the container. It is extremely easy to use without getting messy.

Remember however, the use of gloves is recommended for any maintenance activity especially when chemicals are used.

It comes standard in the familiar Scottoiler yellow colored one litre spray bottle. A five litre refill is available as well…which is what I will be buying next.

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Review Date: February 2010

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From “F.M.” (09/10):  “Just a note, I reread your review and read the other reader comment that their dealer said they couldn’t get the product into the USA.

I was curious since I wanted to try it in Hawaii with our usual humidity and salt air (although not as bad as Florida or the Gulf Coast I imagine).

So I went to the manufacturer’s site via your posted link and their online store let me order and pay conveniently with PayPal or Google Checkout.

$11.95 for the liter bottle, plus $10 shipping all the way to Hawaii.”

From “D.G.” (2/10): “Contacted my local bike shop (in the U.S.) who in turn called the west coast distributor about getting it in stock.

The distributor noted that the corrosion inhibitor cannot be imported into the U.S. It may be red tape (or an) environmental issue or…. In any case, we can’t get it. (in the U.S.A.).”

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