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SBS Friction Has Been Acquired by Brembo

The Best Brakes Just Got Better

Brembo is one of the top manufacturers of brakes across all motorsport disciplines. Whether you’re buying a Ducati or a $300,000 racecar – chances are – it will come equipped with a set of Brembo brakes to keep you stopping at the highest of speeds.

We all know the Brembo story, but who is SBS? SBS has been working alongside Brembo in the background dating all the way back to the ’60s. They design and manufacture brake pads, shoes, disks, and clutch kits. SBS Friction brings environmentally-friendly innovations to the brake pad industry, and with the world moving towards cleaner versions of pretty much anything you could think of, it would only make perfect sense for Brembo to attempt acquisition of the company and their assets. 

Unfortunately for our car-enthusiast readers (go away, this is a motorcycle blog! motorcycles rule!), Brembo only managed to snag the motorcycle pad manufacturing section of the company, and SBS will still maintain ownership of their own automotive side. 

Brembo brakes will continue to stop the world on its axis, and we’re excited to see what they can do with the introduction of mountains in research regarding brake pad development to further benefit their braking systems. Who knows, maybe the 2022 Panigale you’ll be eyeing out will stop that much better, due to the new tech the brand will be packing into their brakes.