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Sales Skyrocket As HD’s Pan America Proves Versatility Is Valuable

view of the Pan America motorcycle by Harley Davidson

When Harley Davidson’s Pan America was first previewed (if you’re going to do an advert properly, you hire Aquaman/Jason Momoa to do the job), the bike’s unique aesthetic and left-field attendance to the adventure bike community and left many with raised eyebrows. It revealed an entirely new side to Harley Davidson, and the versatile capability of the bike left viewers and riders alike with the same thought: Wow.

With sales having started in early May, the demand for the Pan America is impressive. Many dealerships are already accepting deposits and installing waiting lists to keep track of the ever-growing requests. 

Matt Sheahan, vice president of the Windy City Motorcycle Company in Milwaukee, said in a report to BizJournals:

“They’re shipping them in right now, and they’re heading right back out (to customers).”

And being competitively priced at $17,000 USD, it’s no wonder that Harley Davidson’s new addition is the star of the show. 

view of the Pan America motorcycle by Harley Davidson

The Pan America is an adventure bike that sports a liquid-cooled V-Twin Revolution Max 1250 engine capable of roaring out 150 pretty little ponies and 94 ft/lbs of torque. It’s is far from light, weighing in at 534 lb / 559 lb (depending on if you’re riding the original 1250 or 1250 Special). Still, the weight is compensated in part by the available ride mode control features and Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements. 

Unique features of the Pan America also include Vehicle Load Control, with the 1250 Special sporting a useful Adaptive Ride Height Feature to accommodate a wider range of riders.

To see the full list of specs, head over to WebBikeWorld’s Pan America Model Overview.

  1. I am stoked to learn this. As much as I criticize HD for their short-sightedness over the years, the Pan America – and the entire LiveWire brand – are strong steps in the right direction. I’m glad to see the market rewarding their efforts.

    1. USA Garry I work at the facility (not to say some of our components do not originate in China) just like GM/FORD and every other vehicle manufacturer…to wheels and 4…try to find any product in your home that does not have a China competent in it…….maybe your dog?

  2. Good to hear. Well received by the road testers and riding public it should sell. That being said, motorcycles of all kinds are selling well right now overall.

  3. I believe H-D got the formulae right in this one, and let’s be honest, they were up against well established names in Adv bikes, so it was a ‘do or die’ situation, they really could afford to fail.

    Having said this, the Pan Am isn’t going to win the younger client base, H-D needs to get the Bronks out or similar rides that break the HOG image.

    I picked up a brand spanking new Pan Am Special today from Black Gold H-D in Allen TX where I’d previously purchased two Ultra Limited’s in succession. I’m not exactly young, neither am I particularly old at 61, but I’d already made my mind up that I really wanted a modern touring scooter
    I’d looked at Ducati, KTM, and triumph among others, but when H-D bought the Pan Am out I was so impressed that they clearly put a lot of thought into this project that after attending a demo day I was sold. So far I have not been disappointed.

    Tim Newis

    1. Hey Tim, I guess it depends on what you consider young. I think the same age folks that are looking at the BMW GS, KTM Adventure, Ducati Multistrada, Triumph Explorer, and possibly the Honda Africa Twin and Yamaha Super Tenere are the ones looking at the Pan America. You know, the guys with enough money and time off work to really enjoy these bikes.

  4. The bike is made in Thailand. Not sure where the motor comes from but could be China.

    1. guess again- Harley-Davidson started production of the Pan America just a few weeks after its Global Reveal in February. The York factory manufactures frames, gas tanks and fenders, then assembles the works using engines and drivetrains previously built in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, center of the Harley-Davidson Universe.Mar 22, 2021

    2. Having fun spreading misinformation? Does that make you feel better about your life choices?

    3. All the engines are made in Wisconsin. Bikes for Asia and Europe are assembled in Thailand. Bikes for North America are assembled in York Pennsylvania. Perhaps a little research before commenting next time?

  5. Nice. Interesting motor. Headlight faring needs attention.
    How well will it stand up against the BMW R 1250 GS or GSA?
    Pan America has a few (14) more HP than the R1250 and a little less torque, similar traction/stability modes. Question is, do you want to spend your $25k on something new, or a bike with an established reputation? Are replacement parts available? Would like to hear more from Pan America riders who previously or currently are R 1250 riders, that would be valuable.

  6. I test rode a Pan America (and a LiveWire) last week at Ohio Bike Week and knew within two miles of my six mile demo ride I want the Pan America as my next bike. The power, fit and finish of this two-wheeled Swiss Army knife of a bike was very impressive. The adventure bike market is super competitive with some outstanding motorcycles but you have to give Harley credit for swinging for the fences right out of the gate.

  7. Nice effort for their first try but the reality is that there is absolutely nothing special about the Pan Am. No comparison the the KTM Super Adventure R or the BMW r1250GSA, though I’m sure there will be plenty that trade in their Glides to try ADV. Can’t wait to see them on the trail….to put them in their place…hahahahaha

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