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Ryker roadster is a ‘hit’ among women

Women with the Can-Am Ryker

The entry level three-wheeled Can-Am Ryker is proving a “hit” with women, says Can-Am On-Road PR Brian Manning.

While women riders are about 10-12% of the riding population, 30$% of Ryker owners are women.

In Australia it is slightly down at 25%, but that is still more than double the percentage of female motorcycle ownership.

The Ryker comes in three versions: a LAMS 600cc version for $A14,899 (standard colour); a 900cc version at $A17,299 (standard colour); and a 900cc off-road Rally Edition at $A18,999 (ride away prices).Can-Am Ryker

That compares with the current 1330cc Can-Am Spyders which start at $19,990 for the RS and range up to $39,590 for the RT-S.

Brian says about 42% of Ryker owners are new to riding, but in Australia it’s a whopping 54%.

Perhaps the three-wheeled roadster is the saviour of motorcycling! After all, in Australia, the Can-Am Spyder and Ryker are classed as motorcycles and riders require a motorcycle licence.

“It’s accomplishing a phenomenon badly needed in the industry — significant growth fuelled by new, younger, and more diverse riders,” he says.

No, this isn’t two wheels, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun to ride. Just a different type of fun. And everybody should have access to the incredible thrill of riding.”

He says Australia’s Learner-Approved Motorcycle Scheme has provided the company with an opportunity for new riders to own a Ryker.

“That is why 60% of sales are the 600cc model,” he says.

Females love the ease of use and the customisation.”

Training focus

Brian says they have had a focus on rider training in North America and have plans to extend to other countries.

So far more than 20,000 people have gone through Can-Am Rider Education at 193 riding schools in North America.

Brian says about half are female.

“We are implementing a training program in NZ similar to what it has been done in North America,” he says.


  1. Must be true -there are three can am’s in ‘rinky dink’ Tamworth -Great Dealer too Harvey Morris – & not just for Can Am’s service of Your bike also. The Rykers seem cheap enough too. Hmmnn, time for MBW to do a week/month long test ride perhaps?

  2. VicRoads has a problem – insists Spyder and Rykers have car body style so registered as tri car. ($750 for the 1330) Need motorcycle license as has handlebars. Insured as motorcycle. Can ride the lams ryker on L plates but cannot get licence on ryker- only on two wheels. Representations by riders to VicRoads and to roads minister have gone nowhere. BRP training and licensing in Victoria would be good. Some sense from VicRoads would be better.. I switched from two wheels to Spyder and whilst different, it is a blast to ride.

  3. If these bikes are classed as a LAMS approved, which is a Motorcycle term for – Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme – I am confused. If it is LAMS approved ( a Motorcycle) why is it that you have to register them as a “TRI – CAR” in Victoria? Vicroads have no idea. For 6 years our 2013 RT Limited Spyder was classed as a Motorcycle, on all of the Toll roads until May this year, now it’s a CAR. You need a full Motorcycle license to ride one , with your bike gear on. They insure it as a Motorcycle , yet We are still hit the wall with VicRoads, as they class it as a “Tri -Car”. This means it is charged the higher prices like a car. If I need a helmet and Motorcycle license , how can this be a car of any sort???? Come on VicRoads and Eastlink – Linkt have changed us back to a Motorcycle, on CityLink but Eastlink wont budge. We have been to 3AW and tried calling and sending messages to PM’s, they dont reply. I guess the longer it takes, the more revenue they make.

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