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Ryca Motors Designs 10th Anniversary Bike With Augmented Reality

Ryca Motors CS-1X

The Ryca CS-1 is a popular kit for people wanting to have cafe racer looks without having to buy a new bike or custom build one from scratch.

The CS-1 is well known because it takes a cheap and available Suzuki Savage (aka S40) cruiser as the donor bike, and uses most of the bits to make it into a fun racer.

However, the big reveal for the 10th anniversary of the CS-1 is its new brother, the CS-1X. The biggest thing about this iteration of the CS-1 is that a lot of the prototyping and CAD work was done with augmented reality, or AR.

AR works by using smartphones, tablets, and sometimes headsets to show 3D objects in the “real world” over, around, or in real-world items.

Ryca Motors CS-1X

What Ryca did was take an already built CS-1, and using AR, tested out seat fitments, exhaust placement, peg placement, and the like without having to actually build a prototype piece out of actual metal. This allows for very efficient prototyping, and data from the AR previews can be applied to CAD programs if measurement capture is also built into the AR.

While the CS-1 kit will sell as normal, the CS-1X is a limited edition invitation kit that requires you to register interest at their website. No pricing is available, however with the CS-1 kit at $3,000, the kit would probably land in the $3,500 to $4,000 range.