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Ruroc To Release New 4.0 Atlas Helmet on February 18

A side view of the current Ruroc Atlas helmet 3.0

We’ve just had news that Ruroc is releasing the Atlas 4.0 on February 18 – and we’ve got more than a few members of our team that are curious to see what’s been updated. 

Take our main man Jimbo, for example. 

wBW writer and reviewer Jim Pruner has been reviewing motorcycles, accessories, gadgets, gear and gizmos for longer than I can remember. Back in August of this year, he reviewed the Atlas 3.0 and came away with a wee bit of a love/hate relationship (we really recommend you give it a peek – it’s top-notch stuff). 

“The uber-stylish Ruroc Atlas 3.0 frustrates me with how good it scores for comfort, build quality, versatility, and its compact, low center of mass versus how noisy it can be, ventilation issues, value per dollar, and limited availability,” he laments on the review’s breakdown. 

“I tested it far beyond what perhaps even Ruroc did and came away impressed yet disappointed at the same time. Ruroc is so close to hitting a home run with the Atlas 3.0, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”

A view of Jim Pruner reviewing the Atlas 3.0, from Ruroc

You can imagine, then, the bated breath that we’ve got with the update that Jimbo will have access to a new helmet to play with by late Jan. He’s even got a wishlist of things that would make the lid a better upgrade from the 3.0: 

“Get rid of the side vents on the chinbar, move the switch for the chinbar vent to the outside vs inside, balance the airflow on the crown vents, include the pinlock in the purchase price…those are the big ones.”

Ruroc has updated the Atlas every year for the last four years.  This is an insane amount of work for a single helmet, and they’re the only brand to do it – so we can’t help but wonder what’s in the works for the new variant…

Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the deadline; if you’ve got better things to do and would rather be given the ol’ poke when it comes, our main man Cameron Martel curated the best of the best, twice a week, just for you, our beloved readers. 

No bullshit, just good content – we promise. 

Happy 2022, and as ever – stay safe on the twisties.

*Title media sourced from Ruroc’s official website*