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Rollastand Motorcycle Wheel Roller

Rollastand Wheel Roller Review

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Very handy device for a motorcycle without a center stand.

Allows you to rotate wheels for cleaning, checking tire pressures and chain maintenance.

Two models available; one for sportbikes and one for cruisers

This is one of those “must have” products for any bike without a center stand.

It’s also something that you probably didn’t know that you needed, yet instantly becomes an indispensable part of your motorcycling kit.

On top of all that, it’s also one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas, because the concept is simple, unique and cool all at once.

The Triumph Thunderbird Sport is the first bike I’ve owned in a long time that doesn’t have a center stand.

I had forgotten what a pain it is to perform even the most basic maintenance tasks, like checking tire pressure, without one.

It’s a good idea to check tire pressures before every ride.

But prior to owning the Rollastand, this usually meant rolling the bike back and forth around the garage to get the valve stem lined up in just the right spot to connect the tire pressure gauge and/or the air pump head.

It’s amazing how far you sometimes have to roll a bike to get the valve where you want it, due to the length of the circumference of the tire.

I sometimes actually run out of room in my garage, and end up having to jockey the bike back and forth and around to arrange the valve at a point where I can get to it.

Rollastand front Rollastand rear
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Rollastand Motorcycle Wheel Roller

The Rollastand makes the job so much quicker and easier.

To use it, you place it on the ground in front of the tire you want to rotate, either the front or rear. Then roll the bike up and over one of the rollers so that the tire is located between the two, and place the bike on its side stand.

The bike does lean a bit more than normal when its on the Rollastand, because one of the tires will now be higher off the ground, so you may want to lay a piece of 2×4 (wide side down) under the side stand to make up for the difference.

Once the wheel is up on the Rollastand, it’s a simple matter of turning the wheel by hand to check tire pressure, clean the rim or lube the chain.

It works just as easily on either the front or rear tire (see photos below).

Rollastand bottom

The powder-coated Rollastand has a nice heft to it and feels like a very substantial piece of equipment.

The friction-coated rollers and the frame feel strong and heavy enough to hold just about any bike. The sealed bearings that are used in the rollers feel very smooth with no play or unwanted movement.

The bottom of the Rollastand’s base has rubber pads which prevent it from sliding around as you push your bike over the rollers.

These help to give it a very secure feeling while in use. I haven’t noticed any play or slippage as the bike’s tires roll up and over the device.

It’s interesting to note that the Rollastand can be broken down into its component pieces for storage; some riders have taken it with them in a tank bag just in case.

Hardline Products recommends using the Rollastand only on flat, level surfaces, so most any garage floor will work fine.

There are also several safety notes on the packaging, warning against using the Rollastand with a running motorcycle.

The product is only designed to be used for maintenance on a non-running motorcycle,  which makes a lot of sense.

Rollastand top

You may have seen some of the advertisements for the Rollastand recently in one of the various print magazines.

It’s a bit hard to tell the scale of the device from looking at the photos. For some reason, I had imagined it as a pretty big piece of equipment.

But I was surprised to see that it’s a nice and compact unit, making it easy to stow in a toolbox drawer or hang on a hook in the garage.

This photo illustrates the size of the Rollastand in relation to a pocket-sized box of Altoids mints.


The Rollastand isn’t a complete replacement for something like a swingarm stand, which is useful for more complex maintenance tasks.

But this product is so useful and makes life so much easier for anyone with a sportbike or other motorcycle without a center stand, it really is a “must have” for every garage. By the way, Hardline Products warranties the Rollastand for 1 year.

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Manufacturer: Hardline Products List Price (2007): $49.95
Colors: Machined and polished billet aluminum. Made In: Vietnam
Review Date: 2007 (?)

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From “J.B.”:  “I purchased the Rollastand and here is my short review. I have a 2002 Triumph Bonneville America. The Rollastand does appear to be well crafted.

It is easy to pop the bike wheel up on it, but I found it very difficult to turn the wheel by hand.

I don’t know if it’s because of the size of my rear tire (170) or because the fender extends so far down the back, but I really can’t get a good grip on it.

I don’t suppose this would be as big an issue on a sport bike, but it’s something for cruiser owners to think about. I also noticed that by turning the wheel backwards, the bike slowly started to slide sideways to the right. I remounted the bike on the stand, used a 2×4 under the kickstand and turn the wheel forward and the bike no longer moved side-to-side.

This doesn’t necessarily reflect on the Rollastand, but I went to JC Whitney to save a few bucks, but it took FOREVER and a day to get the thing.”

Editor’s Reply: Just to note that there is a different model Rollastand for cruisers.

It’s different than the one in this review and I’m not sure if it would make a difference. The Thunderbird Sport shown here has plenty of clearance under the rear fender, so there wasn’t a problem in grabbing the tire to rotate it.