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Robust lock secures motorcycle helmet

Andras and Thomas Torkos wth DSD Motoring Helmet lock

Made with a stainless steel transmission chain, this DSD (Dirty Side Down) Motoring helmet lock appears to be the strongest and most secure we’ve seen yet.

It’s the labour of UK father and son Andras and Thomas Torkos who bought special milling machinery and a lathe to make the helmet locks.Andras and Thomas Torkos wth DSD Motoring Helmet lock

The helmet lock is made of stainless steel transmission chain, a burly stainless steel lock, nylon covers to prevent damaging your bike and a Cordura weatherproof helmet bag with a fleece lining to prevent scratching your helmet.

It looks a bit like a gimp mask, but it’s tough and simply won’t budge. The only way to break it would also involve demolishing the hemet and/or bike!

So make sure you don’t lose the key of this lock. If you do you will need to call your nearest neighbourhood locksmith to drill the lock open.
Andras and Thomas Torkos wth DSD Motoring Helmet lock
Sturdy lock

Other helmet locks usually loop through the visor with a piece of wire. They are easily cut, the visor has to remain open and the helmet could still be knocked off the seat by a passerby.

This helmet lock secures the helmet so strongly to the seat that if a bike thief wanted to ride the bike away, they couldn’t.

Although Andras admits it wouldn’t prevent a thief bundling the bike into the back of a van, especially in London!Andras and Thomas Torkos wth DSD Motoring Helmet lock

It comes in two sizes – regular for small and medium helmets and large for bigger helmets or those with spoilers or attached devices.

The chain is 95cm long and can be adjusted to fit most bikes. If you need it longer, Andras can supply a longer chain.

It takes about a minute to attach to your bike and comes off in seconds. Check out this quick video.

Price and weight

The only problem is the DSD Motoring hemet lock weighs 2.7kg and costs £149 plus shipping (free in the UK).

It is available on their website or through Amazon or eBay (small and large).

Andras says he has sunk “all our money in this project”.

He came up with the idea because he didn’t want to carry his expensive helmet to his construction job as it could get damaged and he didn’t want to leave it on the bike where it could be scratched or stolen.

“I used to have a top box on a previous bike, but it was too clunky and big for my (Yamaha) FZ6. It spoils the look of the bike,” Andras says.