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Rizoma Adds Honda CB1000R Neo Sport Cafe Collection

Honda CB1000R Rizoma

Upgrade Your Honda With Rizoma

Honda’s Neo Sport Cafe motorcycles are some of the coolest bikes on the road right now. They’re sporty, naked machines that offer the best of retro styling in a modern motorcycle. The Honda CB1000R now gets a full collection of Rizoma parts, so you can customize your ride as you see fit. 

The new Rizoma collection for the Honda motorcycle includes a long list of aftermarket parts. The types of parts include fairings, mirrors, risers, handlebars, grips, caps, covers, guards, levers, indicators, and more. With all of the unique possibilities, you’ll be able to take your stock Honda CB1000R to the next level. 

With all of the different options, you’ll be able to dramatically alter the look of your ride while only making minor changes. Rizoma’s aftermarket parts are relatively easy to install. Swapping mirrors, grips, and handlebars can be done with simple tools you likely have in your garage. That’s one of the key benefits of Rizoma’s collections, the parts don’t take a motorcycle mechanic to install.

If you’re interested in adjusting the look of your bike, I suggest you check out this new collection. There’s some really cool-looking stuff here. Honda’s CB1000R is already a looker, but these parts will help set you apart from the crowd.