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Honda Celebrates 50th Anniversary of CB750 With a Tribute Bike

Honda CB1000R Tribute
Image from Roma Motodays

The Bike That Changed the World

There are many motorcycles that have had an impact on the world, but the Honda CB750 four-cylinder is probably one of the most influential motorcycles to date. Honda recognized this and the fact that this year marks the bike’s 50th anniversary. The company built a cool-looking tribute bike. 

The bike is called the CB1000R Tribute. According to the Roma Motodays, the bike will be showed off publicly at Fiera Roma, from 7 to 10 March. Purchasers of tickets to the Roma Motodays in Rome, Italy will have a chance to win the bike. The one-of-a-kind motorcycle is a special model, Honda has no plans of putting it into production.

The motorcycle features mostly cosmetic changes. It gets blue-and-gold livery that fits for the era of the original CB750, the seat is Alcantara, and the badging has been updated to reflect the bike’s special status. Honda also fitted Y-shaped exhaust tips to the bike and wire spoke wheels. Altogether, it gives the bike a kind of modern retro feel, which is likely exactly what Honda was going for.

I know Honda has no intention of putting this machine into production, but I wonder why they wouldn’t. It’s a darn good-looking motorcycle I love the paint scheme, wire spoke wheels, and special exhaust. It would make sense to me for Honda to at least put out some kind of special edition, even if the company only built a few hundred models. The CB750 is such an icon, I believe it at least deserves that.