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Other riders a danger in lane filtering

Lane filtering lane splitting stop lines congestion danger

There are many dangers as well as challenges in lane filtering, but one danger we may overlook is fellow lane-filtering or lane-splitting riders.

Of course, we still have to be aware of drivers suddenly changing lanes without looking or indicating, being in truck and bus blind spots, road are from jealous motorists and slippery white lines.

But one danger we may have overlooked is other lane-filtering riders.

On several occasions I have almost been taken out by other riders.

And the situation will only become more of a danger as more and more riders take up lane filtering.

Danger behind

The main danger is that when we are lane filtering, we have our eyes forward, checking for motorists about to change lanes or open a car door on us.

We tend to think we are the only ones progressing through the traffic.

Consequently we don’t tend to look in our rearview mirrors.

The danger arises as we weave in and out of the traffic lanes. We could easily take out another rider behind us who is progressing faster through the traffic.

Lane filtering lane splitting America danger
Lane filtering lane splitting America

Danger in front

The reverse is also true.

We have to be wary of riders up ahead who may be sitting in the traffic and about to get white-line fever and start filtering just as we arrive on the scene.

Use the same skills you do to predict that a motorist will suddenly change lanes. Look for head movement, or even body movements which could indicate they are about to swerve left or right from their lane.

Practise courtesy

Just as we expect courtesy from other motorists, we should also extend it to our fellow riders and allow them file in front of us.

At the lights, if we filter to the front, consider moving to the side if there is room.

This will allow a following lane-filtering rider to queue up beside you.

Then you can drag race them off the line! 

Lane filtering lane splitting stop lines danger
Bangkok two-wheelers set for the traffic light derby
  1. I have on a couple of occasions noticed a rider behind me who filters faster than me. It can take a while to find a safe gap to move into to let them pass. but can’t say anyone has been rude about it.

  2. Roadrules are nannystate bullshit. If people were simply courteous, there’d be very few accidents
    & we’re not even allowed to call them accidents anymore
    (uncontrolled deceleration event, speed was a factor, blaaaaaaaaaah ………………………………..)

  3. Learn to use your horn – Do not be afraid to give other road users a quick toot, to let them know you are there – and most important – do not get all offended and pissed off when someone toots to let you know they are close by.

  4. Quite frankly I find some riders far more alarming than car drivers. The riders that I am refering to are those that overtake within my lane. I, use the entire lane to my advantage as conditions dictate. I have been overtaken by riders who come from nowhere at speed and overtake within my lane. One rider even passed me on the inside.
    I detest any bastard who enchroches on my survival space.
    It is tough enough on the roads without motorcycle riders adding to the hazards.

  5. To be honest the whole lane splitting idea scares me a bit especially when I saw a rider doing it in Adelaide recently who tried to fit in a gap too small for his bike, he only just pulled up in time to avoid hitting the car in front of him. I don’t even try to lane split as my Indian Chieftain is too wide & to fit into the gaps of the city I ride in the most (Adelaide) & I don’t need to. where I normally ride which is mostly country riding. I have the opinion that I have plenty of time so why get anxious about shaving seconds off the ride.

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